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I have had no discussions with any one other than my immediate family about the Cvirus.

Two family members are in healthcare. Their opinion is that this is going to be in our lives for AWHILE. Not 3 weeks, not 6 weeks. Longer.

They are also skeptical as to the severity, comparing it to other health issues, past influenza, other influenza.

They are very sobered by the effect on the future of the economy.

Would anyone like to share what they know others are thinking, or what you are thinking?

I am wondering what potential customers would be have in their minds.


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Thank you Judy.  At this point I am still coughing and sneezing occasionally but no more than I normal would at this time of year.  I have spring allergies.

By the end of this week I plan to make a decision to withdraw from shows applied to, reschedule one with 2021/22 refund offer and wait for one in May to cancel. I only do 5-6 shows in Colorado resort areas. This is where current virus hotspots are at, as people are still traveling to ski. Vail and Crested Butte are the worst, and none of the resort towns have medical facilities to handle lots of ICU cases. They are better at fixing broken limbs and altitude heart attacks. I have been studying China and Korea statistics on apexes and times to minimal cases, and the rolling apexes we can expect in US. That looks like about 3 months, add on to that the psychological recovery time to gather, and possible recurrence in the fall 2020. For me, I am writing off the entire rest of 2020 and will plan on 2021. Hopefully there will be a vaccine or antiviral developed and tested by then. The sooner I get started on Plan B, the better.


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