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Well it's that dreaded time again, time to clean my Light Dome Tent.  Any suggestions for an easy, effective way to do this?  Someone told me to put it in a commercial washer with Spic N Span.  Sounds easy but I worry about the washer ruining the tent.  Has anyone tried this?  How do you clean your tent?

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Thanks. yes, I lay mine around in the garage, etc, too.

Greased Lightening - quick easy and sparkling white after a street fair. Just used a large sponge and did not have to do anything but lightly wipe it on. I have tried a lot of things all required scrubbing before.


I put the side curtains in the washer and they came out fine.  From what I've read here, they would definitely benefit from a good Scotchguarding (never thought of that!)

My EZ Up still hasn't been bagged from the last show; every time I look at it, I have the vague thought that it would be good to clean it, so I really appreciate all the comments.  


Did the washer thing with my EZ up curtains also. Mine did not do well. I could see where water resistant coating on inside of curtains disappeared from areas. Got heavy rain at Daytona Beach last weekend and art on mesh walls along sides that got heavier wind with rain all got wet on back through the curtains. (It happened real fast!)

Today, I used fabric waterproofing spray on outside of curtains and the tent top along with seam sealant on underside where roof is sewn. Should fix it for now. Hopefully, better tent soon. 

A side wall of my Light Dome picked up the dye of the Magellan duffle bag (from Academy Sports and Outdoors) that I had the canopy stored in.  Any idea how to get it out? 

Hey this answer is coming a little late, but I just bought a used Light Dome that had these kind of marks, that look like they're from the bag? I used a Magic Eraser and it just took a little water with it, and a little elbow grease and they're almost completely gone. Hope that helps!

I have set mine up in the back yard and used the hose to clean it; since mine is heavy and vinyl, I can't put it in the washer. Just last weekend I laid the canopy on the patio and went over it with multi-surface cleaner and rags. 

I have the Light Dome.
Having tried to wash and dry the canopy and side flaps and lay them on the grass is not efficient since the top dries but the grass side doesn't. I just set up my tent frame and hang the sides only and wash them inside and out with a hose. On stains I try gentle dishwasher detergent or mild cleaning liquid so as not to damage the vinyl.

Some stains can be rubbed out with alcohol or an Oxi clean type solution which lifts out any grass or protein stains. There are cleaners that can remove dye and ink but I would be cautious with them when using on vinyl.

After the sides dry, I take them down and fold them. I then put up the canopy and hose it down as well. Doing the side and canopy separately allows for more airflow to properly dry them out.

Nothing special to this method but the most important part in my opinion is to have the tent dry before it's folded so as not to have a moldy and smelly mess when arriving to set up.

Soft Scrub with Bleach .... Patience, and a little wet cloth.  I did every inch of a trimline top (with sunroof thingy) and it looks NEW!

I just read all these comments.

My thoughts...

The pool idea is using Chlorine. This is the same idea as Bleach. Chlorine is the ingredient in Bleach that does the job, however do NOT use this. You may clean it but most likely take years of life off it. Unless someone looks into the chemical properties of the fabric, adhesive and the stitching, to determine it's reactions with Chlorine / Bleach.

I have had great results with Simple Green. Just have to do a LOT of rinsing to get all the chemical off.

Simple green needs very little time to work. I have a power washer but will not use it on the tent. I can etch concrete with it. Instead a pole brush and garden hose.


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