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I did a couple of festivals last year with borrowed gear, and it is time to invest in my own now. I purchased used knock-down pro panels but didn't realize they were 8 feet tall when assembled, so I don't think an EZ-up tent is going to cut it any more.

I'm a 35 y/o female (average height) and strong, but want a tent that is easy to put up and take down, as I will likely be doing most of my shows on my own. As I'm still new to festivals, I'm a little nervous to drop $1,000 or more on a tent, but that might be my only choice given my 8' height requirement.

Thanks in advance for your input!

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I'm still shopping around and haven't had much luck with used tents. I'm thinking I'll probably go with a pro base package from Showoff. 

I'm looking to keep costs down until I am fully invested in doing festivals. I don't know yet how many festivals I'll be doing in 2016 as I'm still waiting on acceptance notifications. 

Are there any accessories that I absolutely need to have? Or can I just get away with the base tent (obviously I'll need weights here in Colorado, but thinking beyond that). 

I'm 50+ and do shows by myself. I like my Light dome. The only hassle is I have to put up a ladder to put on the canopy 'cause I'm only 5'2"; other than that I like it. You'll need weights anywhere you go!  Also if you don't use pro-panels, invest in stabilizer bars for the bottom of the frame.

Kim, does the Light Dome need to be raised up to the height of needing a ladder before you put the top on?

I thought they were similar to a Trimline where you could install the top on the frame while it was still on the ground and then raise it up.

Greg, it is not like a trimline in that you do not construct the top on the ground. You put up the tent poles which includes poles for the top. Then I put the tent part way up and you pull the top over the poles and secure and put up the side walls. Then I take the tent all the way up. I also need a step ladder to get the top poles in but can usually pull the top over while I am on the ground. I understand how it goes up. I never paid attention to anyone putting up a Light Dome before. I have a Trimline and a Vitabri pop up

We still love our E-Z UP!  Needless to say they are easy- I  have only lost 2 due to storms in 30+ years & in those storms, we saw almost every other kind go down as well! There are different grades of them too. IF I had pro-panels & had to have a taller canopy like the photographers or painters, I would have a different kind because then it would have to be taller, but we have Jewelry-works GREAT! Many years I have put my E-Z UP myself, but my wonderful Man likes doing it, so I LET HIM! LOL! 

Light dome! I love mine and can put it up myself. I am a 66 year old female. Also buy the stabilizer bars. I use both those and usually ( but not always) my pro panels.


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