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I am considering upgrading from armstrong pedestals and desks to a dynamic display system.  Balking at the cost, of course - but see how these displays are much more professional.  My question is this - do they hold up well in storms?  With my armstrong display and glass cubes - I have lost two tents over 10 years - but have only lost a few pieces of glass (and they don't cost a lot to replace) and the armstrong desks and pedestals are indestructible.  Would be interested in hearing from anyone who uses dynamic displays to see how your displays hold up in wind and rain, etc.  I did a search on this but didn't find anything about their durability.

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You must have, I got a quote anyway.  But it will be awhile before I can afford them.

I have some hardly used dynamic display cases for sale in NM. I have loved them. I use them for any show and they hold up and look great. No lights included. I am selling a black bridge pedestal, a black single pedestal and three angled cases with 9 panels. 

Pamela. How much?

See attached

Hello, I have been looking for some dynamic displays. Do, still have them for sale?

Please let me know !

I made some easy assembly tables from plastic break-apart shelving and RV carpeting. The tops are solid aspen panels which add weight. I use the inside shelf for storage. As long as they are inside the tent, wind doesn't bother them. At the bottom of this page is a video of it:

Robin Ragsdale

I am also torn between the Dynamic Display System and Abstracta.  Robin - out of curiosity - would you mind sharing where you found your plastic shelving units?  They look like a less expensive alternative to the other options.  How do you like using them?  I appreciate your help!

Lindsay, I bought plastic break apart shelves from Walmart. Super cheap. One unit made those two tables. The "fabric" is actually RV carpeting from Costco and attached by velcro. It's made from recycled plastic bottles and indestructible. The carpet is seasonal and only available during the summer when people use their RVs. The tops are aspen wood panels from Lowes. The whole thing is super easy to set up, take down, and pack away. The two tables together cost me less that $125.


Thank you so much for the info!!  So kind of you to share!  You've definitely given me something to think about before shelling out thousands of dollars on a Dynamic Display system!

How resourceful, Robin! I'm impressed. Do you use glass cubes for the cases on top? I have a dynamic display, but I also use glass cubes on top of pedestals I built myself. Wish I had thought of the shelf idea like you did!

FYI, Dynamic Display Systems is coming out with collapsible shelving next month!  Check our site or give a call for more information.


Did you permanently attach the velcro to the outer edges of your shelving and then the the other velcro side to your fabric or carpeting? I'm thinking I may try this look with my tall display tables before buying the dynamic display system. I've been debating whether or not to take the plunge for a new display system.




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