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Does everyone remember when they first heard of these? Then there was itunes, iphones, ipads, etc, etc. When Apple decides to dominate they do it by innovation; creating demand for something we did not even know we needed

In the 20 days since Apple Pay was announced, 50 retailers, more than 600 banks, and more than 30 million payment cards have joined Apple Pay. I have quoted Wayne Gretzky here before. "The secret to success in hockey is not being where the puck is, it's being where the puck is going to be." 

Countless posters on this forum have bemoaned the fact that 30 somethings do not shop at Art Fairs. Our response is "What have you done to attract them?" Do you have a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a Pinterest page, a Quora account? What about Yelp, Foursquare, or Trip Advisor? 

As quickly as we can, we will have a sign in our space that says "We accept Apple Pay". We hope you don't ;-)

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Hear! Hear! I'm just sorry I sold my Apple stock when it dipped about a year ago. It is all about the marketing. Jim, do you have all of those accounts?

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes, we do have all of those accounts, as well as google+, google maps, and a bunch of others. See for a list.

OK, so evidently your world revolves around Apple. There are others out there and naturally the Free Market will sort things out. It's VHS vs Beta all over again.

A prototype of new ATM machines using Apple Pay. There is no card slot on the machine.

Our world revolves around Apple too.  Jim, I can't wait to read more about Apple Pay and check out Moz.  We are rebranding all of our sites and hope to launch them in the next couple of months.  For on-line presence it is essential to have all the social media sites Jim mentioned.  I don' know if you mentioned Instagram but my daughter (the artist) likes Instagram the best as far as marketing.  We both use Pinterest personally in a big way and are trying to figure out how to incorporate it.  Pinterest is  now offering a business page we need to learn more about. Don't forget to tweet tweet tweet  : )


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