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Hi, I was wanting to know if anyone has participated in the Dogwood art in Atlanta before? If so how was your experience ? how was antecedence ,general mood of the crowd, ect?I paid to be judged  to see if I am accepted. The festival is in April. It's pretty close so I hope it's a good festival . Thx

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Leslie, there have been a bunch of reviews of this show. Please "search" for Dogwood.

 I lived in at Atlanta for 20 years, and it's one of the best shows there, I started doing art festivals last year and was on the waitlist(didn't get in). It's a great show is you get accepted do it.. I applied this year crossing my fingers. Good luck.Chris

Thx Chris, that gives me some peace of mind. I have a small following in Atlanta and I seem to sell well there for the most part .I am a pop surreal artist and I work in oils on canvas, so hopefully I will get in.  I see you live in Bhanm, I live in Guntersville , AL . So hope I see you there in Atlanta .Thx for the reply.

Leslie, I just read a post on another site that it is rude to ask someone on a community site to "search" for the answer. I did not mean to be rude and know you've made some good contributions here. My apologies. Nonetheless, did you do the search? There are a host of good stories here about that show.

My personal experience is that the last time we did the show Ralston Purina was still the main sponsor and it felt like there were more frisbee dogs than sales ... but it's different now. No dogs at Dogwood.

I don't think it is rude Connie.  I am a DE on TA and like you on this site you have to suggest the search button to remind folks now and then. 


Leslie Dogwood is an interesting show in Atlanta.  Tons of people and the best advertised Festival in the Atlanta Metro area.  Like most shows some do great,  some do OK and some zero.  This is one of the few shows that attracts MANY suburban people.  The burbs are not my market.  If it is yours then you will have a great show.  The regular ATL art show festival buyers definetly go to this show but they go for the music (remember this is a festival not an art show).  Some of them may look at the art and even buy something in the art section on the way to the music, but most of them are headed to Piedmont Park that weekend for the music.  Usually to meet a group of friends who are also into music and not art.  My main ATL market are the people that live ITP between the ages of 30-55.  Most of this market go to other ATL shows for art.  However like I said earlier if the OTP (burbs) like your work you will do great because they like to buy art from the Dogwood Festival, plus they drive into the city with big SUVs so they have plenty of room to bring art home :)  If I am lucky enough to get into Dogwood I would happily show, but it is a local show for me so not a big financial risk. 

thx Melanie , I am glad to hear it's a music fest as well, it always seems to help the mood of the crowd and alot of time sales for me,many music enthusiast seem to like my work. I wouldn't think my work would have much appeal with the suburb crowd, but I have been pleasantly surprised in the past with the range of different people who seem to like my work. So hopefully I will do well if I am accepted, sounds like there might be alot of competition to get in.** crossing my fingers**  Atlanta is near and it would be a good one for me to test out .


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