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Every time we go out of State to a show, our bank (TCF-our Business acct.) wants to know the dates we will be gone in case we use our card out of State-they will know it was US!  2 years ago we were out of State & we couldn't use our card-it said FRAUD ALERT when we tried to use it & the bank put a security LOCK on it!!! I called MY banker that I KNEW & she said that this is pretty standard & it is only to "protect us from fraud..."She said our number was randomly caught/red-flagged in the system. I said, "IT IS US trying to use it, &  she said "I know, but the system doesn't because you haven't used your card here for a long time. Then she told us they have to know every time we go somewhere... You know, I don't like even telling my bank when we will be gone.  By the way, I also called US bank & they said it was their policy as well. He said the same thing as TCF-that the system will "randomly check" when you are out of your area, so it doesn't happen to everyone all the time, but who wants to take that chance?!! We know you all travel & wonder if you have ever run into this & you have to alert your bank whenever you travel... or perhaps we were the unlucky ones 2 yrs. ago! We have had these banks for several years but they said that didn't matter either.

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Yes, my bank does the same thing. I was annoying until I had someone attain my number in Florida and tried to use it. The bank stopped it and I wasn't out any money. A little inconvenience makes life a whole lot easier. 

I have most of my cards set up with my cell phone (but also email) so that they can immediately text me, and I can immediately reply to the text to get that charge to go thru. Or just use a different card, and reply later. They don't close my card immediately.

I used to have to let the bank know I would be out of town. I didn't have to be exact. It's a good security measure. Since they are responsible for any loses, they want to make sure you aren't being hacked. Now, they make everyone download an app called Card Valet that let's you block or allow certain types of transactions. You can set it to use the card at gas stations, restaurants, and, hotels. You can block online sales, purchases in department stores, etc. Whatever you want. You may want to ask your bank about Card Valet. It works really well. I tried to pay for a show fee once while I was at another show and it wouldn't go through until I turned the app off. You can stop anyone from stealing your card info and using it.

That sounds like pure BS. I travel a LOT and use my cards anywhere I go. You need a new bank.

Ditto, Laurie. In fact, my bank (Capital One) specifically told me I didn't have to let them know when traveling overseas, let alone in the U.S. Perhaps because I've had the card for some time and it has seen the purchasing pattern -- lots of travel, family in Florida and California, plus serious wanderlust on top of that. 


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