I'm essentially new to doing art fairs and I'm wondering how common it is that artists carry step ladders with them.

What got me thinking about it was if I have to close/open the vents on my TrimLine, I'd need some way to reach them and I don't want to have to borrow someone's ladder. I'm six feet tall but I cannot reach the vents.

1. Is a step ladder worth making room for in my limited space vehicle?

2. Any recommendations on a specific type or model of ladder?

3. Is there a magic tool or trick to opening/closing the TrimLine's velcro-secured vents without a ladder?

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  • Yes, I have always used a 6' stepladder. The upper 4' of my walls are pegboard and I need the ladder th hang the sheets and place hooks for my leather goods. It is also essential for reaching the top top rail at 7.5' for anchoring tent weights. Weights and placement are important.


  • I can't answer all those questions, Jay, but we did carry a small step stool that was collapsible with us. You're right those vehicles require careful packing to get all the necessities with you. Another thing to keep in mind is you're not the only one in that situation and your neighbors may be able to help, and probably will gladly do so.

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