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Been crazy busy preparing for my first art fair.
I could not afford a set of pro-panels so I decided to build a 9 panel/3 wall system.

The frame is made of 2x2 pine.

I used 1/4'' plywood on the face

I finished the wall and legs with graphite colored outdoor carpet.

I purchased 2'' velcro, some snap grommets and curtain hooks to make some hangers.

I would have purchased harmon hooks, but didn't have time to fill out the order form, mail it in and hope to get them in time for the art fair this weekend.

The grommet was installed backwards on this, but you get the idea.

I hung one of my heavier pieces on the hook for a few hours and it never budged.

Finished size is 28x38 and has real glass in the frame.

Here are 3 panels side by side. When installed in the tent all 3 walls (9 panels) will be fastened together to make one solid piece. I will also be taking measures to ensure they are anchored and attached to the tent.

Finished size with carpet for the individual panels are 39'' wide by 6'6'' tall.


Please feel free to share your thoughts, good or bad on this.

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On the set I am working on, the carpet is attached to the front side of the frame only.  I am going to cover the back eventually, but for now they are one sided. 

Nice work, but you can really cut production time (and cost) by purchasing interior door frames (the cheap ones with flat front and hollow0core) and place L-Bar Brackets underneath as legs.  I've done this many times for walls in my warehouse gallery.

I made my panels a similiar way. I used 2x2's, but inserted foam sheets ( double 3/4" ). Then I put the carpet on. One of the panels, I left a hole in the middle for a niche.

Wonderful!  Thank you for sharing!  I need to do something like this myself!

"Donna, my plans include "half" panels as well as full ones. Actually you can make them any size you wish by simply adjusting dimensions"

You didn't answer the question. How would one attach two halfs ( so they are easy to transport ) together to make one whole panel to display your art on is what she meant. Sometimes you need to stop promoting ........

Why? I'm not in the business of divulging specific details of my plans. That's why I'm selling the E-Manual. I'm listed under "Suppliers" on this site. I was just trying to make it easier to find my listing on ebay.

Reply to Donna: Yes the half panels are attached to each other to make a full panel.

thanks, Ernie.

"Why? I'm not in the business of divulging specific details of my plans. That's why I'm selling the E-Manual. I'm listed under "Suppliers" on this site. I was just trying to make it easier to find my listing on ebay."

On these forums I've noticed a willingness of people to help each other.

You have a wonderful attitude, good luck with that.

I have visited Art Fair Insiders many times and have taken away a lot of great information but this is the first time I have actually posted.  I purchased Ernie's e-manual back in the fall and was very impressed with the entire manual.  I built the walls for my wife's booth and  I think they turned out great.  We have used them in probably 15 shows. I am actually starting this weekend to build additional knock-down panels to extend the height by two feet for a taller tent we just purchased.  Ernie was very responsive to all of my questions and a big help.  

Paul, with the detail and time Ernie put into the manual, there is a reason he is charging for it. I had reservations about buying the manual at first but it saved me a ton of time and money in the end.


Go You! I just might try this too. (Actually, I would ask my husband to do.) Thank you for sharing your process.

Ernie Kleven's plans are great and well worth the price! He has also been very responsive with respect to answering my questions. I'm nearing completion of 14 half panels and have done it ALL BY MYSELF! I'm a 62 year old gal and have added to my "skill set" considerably through this building project and am very pleased with how they are turning out. It goes to show that even a novice can follow his plans as they are detailed while being easy to understand. (My husband would have helped had I asked, but I really didn't want to share the sense of accomplishment!)

I am adding 7/8" rubber leg tips (Home Depot) to the bottoms which will be especially good for indoor shows and which could be removed should it be necessary to use extenders in the case of uneven ground. As a side note, I rented the Home Depot pick-up truck for about an hour for $19 to haul all of the big items home. I went armed with my list and found some very helpful employees who pulled the bigger items and staged them while I was shopping for the smaller things on my list. All was ready to load by the time I had possession of the truck. I was able to do my shopping early on a weekday morning which was a big plus.


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