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My wife and I set up our new to us Trimline canopy last night in the back yard to become familiar with how it's done. We had it closed up like you would overnight at a show. When we went out this morning and opened things up, there were at least 50 flies and bees flying near the inside of the canopy roof. The canopy was pretty clean to begin with so I don't understand why this happened. I had to take the garden hose to them to get them to fly away. Is this something I can look forward to at shows too? What do you do to minimize this problem?

Thanks in advance, Rob

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Must just be your yard. I've set up my Trimline many times in my back yard for booth shots and other reasons and kept it up overnight. It has been set up more times than I can count at shows and occasionally a bug or two gets in but never as many as you describe.

Glad you said that, Greg. I was wondering how this could have happened. It never happened to us. It may be a seasonal thing though. We've had so much rain in Michigan this season that you can hardly go into the yard without encountering mosquitoes, normally not a problem where I live. But, we always did carry bug spray and insect repellent in our tool kit,  just in case.

Hopefully it's just the weather we've had this year. Like where Connie is, Western NY has had a lot of rain this year. If all else fails, I will get some of that spray that people with horses use and spray the tent. That should do the trick!


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