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I just joined a local group of Artists, Cass Area Artists (CAA), Cassopolis, MI area. The group has participated in a few local shows with joint booths, but July 4th the group is sponsoring their first event. I am very happy to be a part of the CAA group.


Thursday at our CAA meeting we discussed a firm rule that no buy/sell will be accepted. We discussed that sometimes it is hard to know buy/sale if they look like a legit artist. Several people in our group are well-aware of some of the established folks and some of the regularly accepted folks who are not really artists. I look forward to guidance about any current buy/sell names of which we should be aware. You are welcome to message me privately or email me to share names and avoid any potential liability. I know about the wooden watches, but forgot the name of the folks selling them and I know there are others. I'm wondering if any of you folks provide additional guidance to avoiding BUY/SELL vendors. 

Lois Anderson:


I am more than happy to take any suggestions to our group without providing your names.

Thank you for any comments or suggestions.

Lois Anderson (Rosary Doctor)

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Fantastic, which is why everyone has to figure out the shows that work for them every year.  The reputation from year one on has been awful.  That is why B?S has taken it over because most are trying it and leaving.  When those people stop trying it all you have left is B/S

Mark, you haven't been selling the same thing for all those years have you?

I've been to shows where I overheard customers say "It's the same people selling the same thing every year. I don't know why I come. If I didn't want it two years ago, I certainly don't want it today either."

When sales drop off two years in a row, it's time to leave and find a new show.

Chris, are you going to be at Chester NJ next week?  Its one of our favorite shows five years running.  My parents will be there selling handcrafted mittens.

Been doing Chester since 1984. It's always worth the 5 hour trip south. What's the name of your parents' business. We're Shady Pine Studios.

Have you ever considered The Covered Bridge Festival at Knoebel's Amusement Park in October? It's tough to get into, but well worth it.

I will let them know to check you out.  Ours is Second Season Mittens

Yeah, had some help getting into it on the first try and did wonderful.  The problem was the next year they added a fourth day and the way the calendar worked we had two good shows to replace it and did.  I have been second guessing it ever since but haven't reapplied.   We are a little over two hours away so it is a tough call between driving and lodging (not much around there) for two days.  We knew many people that exhibit and attend also.

We used to stay at hotels just outside of Bloomsburg.

When we did it we had a pavilion all to ourselves right next to the apple cider press.

At Annapolis, I've been doing fine art every year. But beyond my expensive pieces, the work has been new each year.


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