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Hi everyone. I’m getting ready for my first art fair in a March. I’m curious which credit card readers you like and why. Square, PayPal Here, etc. Any advice for a newbie is greatly appreciated.

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Both Square and PayPal are good choices. I have both and have used them for years. I have used PayPal more since I also have a PayPal debit card and also create the code in the Pay Pal website that I use for my Buy Now and Shopping Cart buttons for my website. Although credit cards with magnetic strips only are getting far and few in between, I like the fact that the Pay Pal bluetooth reader accepts chips, mag stripe cards and touch pay all in one device...

Thank you, Greg. That’s very helpful! Sounds like PayPal offers a unified solution for both online sales and in person. I’ll look more into that. I appreciate your advice!

Hi! I love using PayPal and most customers trust it.

Thank you, Debbie!

I'm going to be a little contrarian. When I asked your question years ago, I was steered toward PayAnywhere and have had only good experiences whereas Square can be hard to communicate with, esp a live human, but PayAnywhere picks up the phone and is very businesslike and their online reports are easier to read. I use both now, mostly because I bought a Square chip reader, but that may change!

Thank you for another point of view, Clayton!

I've used Square for five years with good results. People have become more familiar with Square through the years so they are comfortable using it, at least for the most part. I do think that Paypal would be a better choice for online purchases than Square because it's faster to use: just hit Paypal, put in your email and password whereas with Square I think you have to enter your credit card number and security code. That means most of us probably have to go get the credit card out of the purse or billfold because we haven't memorized our credit card numbers!

Thank you, Bonnie jo. It sounds like ppl are suggesting PayPal provides an integrated approach to both online and in person sales.

Square for 7 years,no issues 

I have Square and have used it for 5 years.  What I like now is that they have acquired Weebly, which is where I have my website.  I can import inventory from Square to my website.  However I have not tried that since I had already added my stock to my website by the time Square took over Weebly.

That’s a great feature. Thank you for the info!

Don't overlook the recommendation of the bank you use. I have been using Clover Go/First Data for about 10(?) years and have been very happy with support from humans when needed (which has been rare). It's more expensive than square and PayPal but, you get what you pay for as the saying goes.  I also use PayPal a lot online for clients paying me.  I supply a close knit community and they are willing to pay me as "friends and family" so I don't get whacked the service fee.  This makes international payments very easy.


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