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What is the best system for taking cards at crafts fairs. I’be got the square phone plug in but would like a better card reader that of course is portable.

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paypal is my favorite. one reader will accept chips, mag stripes and that touch to pay stuff. Also easy to reach a human for customer service. Each sale amount is also immediately available on my paypal debit card.

The fine print says they can hold your money for 30 days.

I've used PayPal for years and NEVER had any money held for any period of time. I wouldn't let that be of concern. Have you checked to see if any other credit card processor has fine print that says they will never hold your money for any reason whatsoever?

I use PayPal to also create the Add To Cart & Buy Now buttons for my website and it all works together flawlessly.

I use Square.  No problems.  I guess I don't know what you mean by "better".

PayPal is my POS - never any hold on money and best of all it accepts Apple Pay!

Get the Square chip reader.  The one you plug in your phone is a pain to use.  The chip reader is much easier and safer for you.

Square is wonderful. Consider upgrading g to their POS system that uses a tablet and comes with the chip reader. I got one in June 2018, and it was $149. Well worth every penny.

Hi.  I use the square reader.  Never had a problem until recently.  I have the chip reader but my phone doesn't have the upgraded operating system (8), so I still use the reader for all charges.  The problem recently was a disputed charge, I assume because the person who purchased didn't recognize my company name, and there wasn't any way I could find to dispute the dispute.  The reason the bank gave for accepting her dispute was that it was a chip card and the charge was swiped.  Square wouldn't provide me with her contact information & I didn't have her information (she was out of state), so I've had to eat the returned charge (luckily it wasn't all that much, but now I'm worried it'll happen again for a much larger amount.)  Are the other systems the same - no contact information available in case of a disputed charge?

Square chip reader. It protects you. You're really vulnerable if you swipe a chip card now. It's less secure and the legal responsibility is on you.

Unfortunately, my chip reader keeps disconnecting from my phone. I often have to re-pair it in the middle of a show. I don't know if that's a common problem. Still, I really don't want to be swiping unless the card doesn't have a chip. Nearly all cards are chipped now. I've only seen non-chipped ones a couple times in my two years of shows.

It doesn't hurt to have both PayPal & Square...especially since there are no monthly fees. Fortunately my PayPal chip reader has been extremely dependable and i do not have to use the Square. Pay Pal is also good in that I have had people use it to send money to my account without having to use the reader.

That can be done with Square, too-- you just need to invoice them.

Kaytee, I am not very technically inclined but even I was able to figure out invoicing via Square all on my own.  :D


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