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I have applied for the Craftsman's Fair sponsored by the Gilmore Group in Columbia, SC in March 2019.  I would love to hear from artists who have done this particular show.  If I am accepted, this will be my first show.  Any information would be greatly appreciated.

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what do you do? You will be accepted, no doubt, not sure they turn anyone away. I don't do indoor shows at all anymore but did theirs once. Mixed bag production, buy/ sell, stuff.

Thank you Michele Blank for your reply.  May I ask why you don't do indoor shows anymore?

i need sunlight to show off my glass, and don't dolly.

Sunlight? perhaps you might try 6500K LED lights.

You can vary the "K" range untill you find what "K" is best for you.

They used to be better--as mentioned above, they have let buy/sell in too much--I don't do those shows anymore for that reason.

Robin Weinrich, can you clarify what you mean by buy/sell?

Items that the "artist" or "vendor" did not make themselves.  I've been doing shows for over 20 years now and it is very easy to see in many booths--also, production work (mass production) and they are letting in more "commercial" interests that are more appropriate for a Holiday show as opposed to an arts and crafts show.  The term buy/sell refers to vendors who buy at a wholesale market (jewelry, baskets, pottery, etc) and bring to a show as if they actually made/produced the times--so they are now reselling something they just bought (instead of making).  Truly a frustrating thing to see at shows that are meant for artists and craftsmen.  

Just wanted to jump in a say that not everyone who buys wholesale tries to pass it off as something he/she made.  I have carefully selected items that are wholesale, and they are mixed in with vintage pieces, antiques, and home decor and furniture I've flipped.  I don't try to pass the wholesale off as something that it's not.

Thank you Robin Weinrich.  I understand now.  If accepted, this will be my first craft fair so I don't know what to expect.  I appreciate your input.


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