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Hi all

Has anyone done any of the Craft Producers Shows (Stowe, Manchester, Southern Vt., Saratoga Balloon and Craft)?  The entry fees are between $600 and $800 which seems kind of high compared to other shows that appear similar quality.  Is there something about these shows that warrants this kind of entry fee?  What am I missing? Any feedback would be helpful.

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My guess would be because they think they can get it.  Often shows can get away with the whopping booth fees because they have  reputation for high sales (or are coasting on their old reputations-witness the Ann Arbor fairs).  There will always be someone willing to pay those fees; never mind the escalating expenses that are driving so many artists out of the business.  That's not their problem, is it?

I have done the Craft producers shows for many years and have always done well. In response to Nova Macs comments they provide coffee tea and bagels on Sunday. They have an exhibitor party on Saturday night where they provide snacks and drinks (both alcoholic and not). The three Vermont shows get a good quality of vendor with no buy sell. They shows also bring in a large crowd, especially the Stowe show. Tim and Charley are good promoters and nice people who are available throughout the show, especially during setup. 

The balloon festival does not fall into the same category of show and falls more in line with the home shows they do.

Thanks so much for this reply.  We will see if we can get in.

I just wanted to echo Don's reply and say simply that they are good shows that draw their customers from affluent markets. I have done the Bennington and Manchester shows and did not think the booth fees were out of line for the Northeast and Midwest. Tim and Charley do a good job with the selection of artists, advertising, and variety of artists. No buy sell that I could see.

My oldest stepdaughter drove over from NH to visit me at both shows and was very impressed.  I choose to use my own tent at the Bennington show so I can demonstrate with fire (am a traditional silversmith). The Manchester show is inside a new multi use facility there.  Hotels/lodging can be tricky in the area in that unless you book early, it can be expensive as you are competing with the tourist crowd.

I recommend both shows. I will be back at the Bennington show this year but will miss the Manchester show as I am already pre-jured for the Tennessee Craft show in Nashville and both shows fall on the same weekend. I have never done the Stowe show in that it conflicts with my guild show in NC.

Hope this helps.

Thanks so much for your reply -that clears it up!  We will try to get into one of those shows.

I did these shows many years ago, and don't think they warrant the high booth fees.  I do shows of higher caliber now and the fees are in the $400's.  There was a fair amount of buy-sell 5-6 years ago, but maybe that's changed.  Seriously, I do shows in Florida that provide a full lunch, booth sitters and coffee/tea etc and the booth fees are in the $300's.  Tim and Charley are nice guys and do a good job, but I think the shows are overpriced even for three day shows.

Hi Kim

Thanks for your take on this.  I think it very much depends on what kind of art vs what kind of crowd. 

We have missed the deadline for those shows -are you able to say which shows in Fla so we can research more?  It's really unlikely we could go that far, but it would be helpful to know what the good shows are-and work outward from there.

I did some of the Craft Producers shows about 30-35 years ago. I'm not going to defend the booth fee or say it's too high because it's up to the artists applying to know what their potential sales are at that type of show. That and the fact that there isn't a lot to apply to in that part of the country. And if you think their shows are over priced, look at Paradise City which is a similar show in a similar part of the country that draw some of the same artists but offer a different customer demographics.

In this day and age, it's easy to find shows that you think are overpriced.

Larry Berman

Also the Paradise City show didn't get good reviews on this site. We do want to try Craft Producers shows(although we missed the deadline for this year) I was just wondering if there is a clear reason for the fee. If there is, then we are fine with that... We did a high priced show in CT that was poorly run and had no customers.  We lost a lot of money that day and so did the other artists!!

Paradise City in Northampton can be a very good show depending on your market. It's a large female double income community with disposable income.

Larry Berman

Talk about an expensive show base price for a 10x10 booth starts at $895 


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