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I have a 10x10 Craft Hut domed tent for sale for $750. It has double skylights, sidewalls with 2 zippered doors, awnings, stabilizer bars, and weights. I live in the panhandle of Texas between Amarillo and Lubbock.I used it about 4 times. I also have a set of Moonbeam Propanels that fit inside the tent that I would sell for $600. these also have the stabilizer bars.

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Hello Jill

I'm looking for a tent and panels. Are the panels a full 10x10 set? And could you let me know what the dimensions of your panels and if their knock downs?

James Wales, (

Yes, the panels are a full 10x10 set. There are 12 of them that measure 7' tall and are 38.5" wide. The adjustable legs set 9" off the floor.  At the top, the side bar protrudes 3" for attaching the support bars. The actual carpet area is 38.5" wide and 6' tall. They are in very good shape and have been stored in the boxes they were shipped in. They are not the knock down panels.

Excellent, those dimensions are perfect. If its ok, I need to do some work on my side to see if I'll be able to be your buyer. One question that will help me out, is if you'd consider shipping the tent and panels? I'd be happy to pay for shipping as I'm down in Florida, and I can receive pallets. If that's something you'd be willing to consider please let me know and if for any reason it would be to much trouble that is perfectly fine.

Thank you
James Wales 

I will check into the shipping. I looked at the Fedex site about freight shipping which would be the cheapest. Do you have an account with them since you receive pallets? The tent is in it's mesh carry bags but I do not have a box for it. I guess I would need to purchase one to hold it.

I should be able to arrange the pick up of a pallet on my side, most service providers have options for residential pick ups. What you'd need to do is get a pallet and prepare the pallet to be picked up. You'd mostly likely be able to get a pallet for a local businesses as many give them away. Also if you happen to have any friends in local business that ships they might be able to help you out.

Ok, I'll see what I can get going.

I checked with Fedex Freight who gave me an estimate for shipping but I did not know the exact weight. I estimate that each box of panels would be 50 lb. and maybe 100 lbs. for the tent. The price would be between $600-$700. I was not expecting it to be that high.

ouch, yeah that's more then I would have expected. So, lets forget shipping. For now if you get another buyer feel free to make a deal with them.

I'm going to go over my options and I'll let you know if things change on my side. I've got a pretty narrow time frame so it might end up being worth it to drive to Texas.

Thanks again for looking into this for me.


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