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So sorry to report that this very well regarded and extremely lucrative show in San Francisco has been cancelled for 2014. I received the letter yesterday from Roy Helms that the 2014 show is cancelled due to lack of applicants; he has promised to refund the jury fee and deposit. I am really disappointed not just for me, but for the loyal attendees who encouraged me to do the show and were so right! and of course the other exhibitors. This was a jewelry-focussed show and those who came, came to buy. 

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That is too bad about the show.  Do you have any idea why people aren't applying to get into the show?

No! I really don't. It was so lucrative for me and the energy was so high compared to other shows I do regularly in the same venue. 

I was informed by Roy Helms, the promoter of the show, that applications had been declining year-over-year for the past 4 years, and there weren't enough applicants for the SF show to go forward. He is concentrating on the So Cal shows only. 

Maybe it is too expensive and artist were not making any money

Was this the June show that was canceled?  I need to know to take it off the Art Fair Calendar.

No, this is the March event at Fort Mason in San Francisco that was cancelled. I would suggest contacting Roy Helms regarding which of his 2 Southern California events are still going forward; I think he was ending one of those as well.

Always tough when a good event is cancelled, especially for people like you who want it in their calendar. Any chance there is anyone out there who could pick it up and run it? Some years back we had been doing the Greektown Art Fair in Detroit and the organizers decided not to do it any more so a friend and I stepped up and took it over and kept it going for several years (until the Greektown Casino owners decided they didn't want this even blocking the doors to the Casino.).

Hmm - that's an interesting thought - but to be realistic, Roy said he cancelled it due to lack of applicants, not lack of ability on his part.

I do understand that, Julie, but perhaps he has standards and expenses that can be slimmed down with new eyes; staff, financial expectations, etc., that might be different for someone else that would enable the show to go on.

Possibly. This is the difficulty with being the creator as well as small business owner - where do admin activities stop? Answer - hard to say. I'm doing my best to expand my skill set and increase my repertoire - and at this time, would like somebody else with a little more expertise than me to step up with promotion side of things ... because I would be starting from scratch. This is an interesting idea, though.

Totally understand that, Julie! I was more suggesting that you look around to other people in that area who are interested in putting on events who might be interested in this opportunity to pick up an established show. Network with some of your friends and see if someone can unearth someone -- look at last year's exhibitor list. Period. Not saying "step up." That is only for the not faint of heart, or the truly driven folks, not creative types like you who have their interest in earning a living from your goods.


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