I recently received an email from a company called Contemporary Art Curator Magazine, based in the Middle East.

Their offer involves including 3 images of work in their on-line exhibition "New Horizons" for $90.  Exhibition runs July 25 - October 25 2020, as well as posts on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

I can't find anything about them when I do a search.  I think that it will be a waste of time and money - and basically a scam, but I was wondering if anyone else has been contacted or have experience with them?

Thanks in advance  for your replies

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  • I'd guess, Fiona, from the lack of replies that you guessed right. You can't find anything on this ... I'd bet there is no such magazine. Whoops! I just googled it and it does exist. Look here: http://www.contemporaryartcuratormagazine.com

    Now what will you do ... ? It looks worth investigating. Hope you do and report back. 

    • Thanks for your reply Connie.  I did find the website, but what I can't find is any reviews about it. I also can't find out much about the magazine at all.  I guess I could contact a couple of the artists that have been interviewed to see what they think.

      I think what has me questioning this offer is that there is no where to find out how many subscribers they have - or how many visitors to the on-line magazine, or how they market the magazine(s)  

      If I do investigate I'll let you know.

      I've also been contacted by onlineartfestival.com - another company that I can't find find much about.  In my opinion, if you are going to offer services to someone,(and you are legit) then you should make it easy for them to learn about what benefits they will receive. 

      I'd anyone knows anything about onlineartfestival.com - please let me know!

      Thanks Connie

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