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Hi, All -

This week I'm headed to the Savannah show. Have any of you done the show recently? My concerns are:

1) the City is requiring every artist to obtain a business license from their Dept of Revenue at a cost of $85.


2) Artists have told me there are steps down to the riverfront show area requiring you to dolly up to the steps, unload, carry your stuff down the steps, reload, and dolly to your spoce. This can't possibly be true ... is it?


3) the show has stated that the many/most of the 10x10 spaces will have permanent park benches in the back of the spaces.  Please say it's not so !


I am close to staying home on this one and walking away from a $295 display fee. Please answer up quickly and accurately on this. Is this show worth doing???

- Robert Green - Photographer - Winter Park FL


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I have a concern about the latest Savannah show I applied to and would welcome some feedback if anyone would be so kind.  Normally I can take a show rejection, accept it, and move on. However, this just seemed unfair to me...

I applied to the Labor Day Celebration before the deadline, and included all the required photos of raw materials, work in progress, and completed work as instructed. The show info stated that these photos were mandatory to be considered. The deadline date was originally posted as 7.26.13, and the notification date 7.31.13. The deadline was then extended and shown on the Zapplication site to be 8.4.13. I know another jewelry artist (a very dear friend of mine) received an email from the promoters saying that she had not included process photos with her application and was given an extension to do so. I was notified on August 5th that I was denied because the jewelry category was full.

I understand my work may not have been considered a good fit for the show, etc.; I can accept that. I do not understand, however, being told a category is full when the promoters have reached out to an artist that did not follow procedure and offered them more time; it seems unfair. I love my friend dearly, have no feelings of jealousy towards her and would never wish her anything but success in any show she applies to. 

All worked out for the best, I was accepted into another show that is closer/less expensive, and does not have an 85.00 license fee ;-), etc. However, I am not feeling much incentive to apply to more Savannah shows if this is how things are done. It makes me feel as though I tossed that application money directly into a waste bin.  And we all know how those application fees for the year add up! 


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