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I have about 16 Pro panels shelves. I have my booth setup in my garage and I want to clean my shelves. I am not sure what would be the best way to do it. I have a steamer but I figure it will screw up the glue that the carpet is probably held in place. Any ideas would be appreciated. Using a vacuum will not move spots. Thanks  Tom

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I have simply leaned my panels and shelves up against my fence and hosed them off, using a hard jet stream on the trouble-spots. I’ve also used a scrub brush & bit of dish soap one time when they got moldy. 6 hours of full FL sun later, they’re dry & ready to put back in the truck.

Have done mine at home, but once took them to a car wash and blasted away.  Mine are charcoal grey and don't show the dirt much, but after being at a very dusty show, I cleaned everything in my booth.

I'd be contacting the company before using steam or high pressure... because you are right those can effect adhesives. I have something similar to the propanel fabric (its basically outdoor carpet) and it's hardy stuff... but if there are adhesives that is another thing.


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