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Hello folks,

Has anyone sold at the Catoctin Colorfest in Thurmont, Md.? I'm trying to decide whether to try this show in 2012 or next year. A relative who is not a crafter tells me it's a great show with huge crowds. I'd love to hear crafters' views about the show's quality, whether there is buy-sell, cost vs. profit, etc.


- Joelle

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Staci, thanks so much for the info. It was really helpful. If you ever need any info about craft shows in Upstate New York, don't hesitate to ask. I checked out your website and really liked your fabric bowls and other items. - Joelle

I used to live in the area, and attended, but not exhibited at the show.  If your product is "country or cottagey", and fairly inexpensive, you will do well.  This is NOT a high end art and craft show; but that is not to say that the products are not high quality.  The crafts vary from "stuff on a stick" to beautiful turned wooden bowls, pottery, etc.  If you have crafts related to fall/or Christmas holidays you will do well.  Also be prepared for uneven ground levels; you may be on a street or on grass.  This is a yearly event for the locals to attend; is the height of fall color season and it is a beautiful location. And yes, the crowds are great and they do buy!  Just be prepared with affordable items.  And yes, there is buy-sell.  Hope this helps.

Hey Staci- My mother has been doing the Colorfest for few years now and she does well. She is starting to have a following. I think she made around $3000. I'm going to apply this year.


I am a Maryland craft artist and have been to the show - to scout.  I want to mention the whole town is shut down and everyone comes from all places to come to it.  There are 3 main places for people to set up, the park is most ideal.  However it is not juried and many locals allow artists to set up in their lawn and sell.  In addition the place is mobbed.   You don't have time to go to the bathroom and buying food could take 30-45 minutes.  If you do the show you will need help because it is that busy and neighbors will not have time to help look after your booth if you step out.  Also make sure you have plenty of change and accept credit cards.  Lastly, there is a lot of buy/sell with a majority being country bumpkin crafts and so on, however there are some true handmade artists.  People do buy and often bring wagons to transport purchases.  It's good if you keep in mind you are there to sell your work and not worry about what others sell.  I have not sold at the event because of other shows going I. At the time plus needing dependable staff/help.  - Michelle, By the Bay Botanicals,

Hi - I am on the Board of Directors for Catoctin Colorfest in Thurmont, MD and I live in Thurmont, MD.  This year we had approximately 100,000 people attend the show.  It should be noted that Catoctin Colorfest only handles the vendors in the community part (approximately 260 vendors) and they are all juried vendors of hand made items.  the other 400+ vendors around town are not sanctioned by Catoctin Colorfest and go through little or no jury process - you will find a lot of buy/sell items in those areas.  We are already working towards the 2013 show which will be our 50th anniversary. 

Thank you


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