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After reading several of the postings on this site, it seems that MANY offer customers to purchase by credit card. I can't yet afford the investment in the monthly fee and card machine because this is my first time, but will customers be turned away by cash only? There's an ATM literally just across the street.

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Office Depot and Staples sell counterfeit detecting pens if you're concerned about bad bills.

The bottom line IS the bottom line. Why wouldn't you want to make it as easy as possible to make a sale? Why wouldn't you take credit cards. When we started taking cards our sales went up 30% or more...


Visit this post and read what is going on there:


There are so many options - make it easy for your customer! You'll never look back.

Find a way to accept credit cards or don't bother with selling is the advice I would give myself. It is easy for customers to purchase with a cc but handing the cash over is more difficult. One of my last big cc sales was almost $800.00 the customer never even asked how much it was until after the transaction was completed and he singed the slip. As he was leaving my booth he turned and asked "By the way how much did I just spend?" Would he, have walked to the bank ATM and pull out $800.00 and place it in my hand as easy? I do not know. Another customer a lady by herself with two babies walks in and within 30 seconds decided on 3 $300.00 photos pays with cc I cannot imagine her going to an ATM taking out $900.00 and coming back. I know it is hard starting out last year was my second year, my wife is totally disabled and I had a stroke in June. I pressured the doctors to let me out of the hospital early so I would not miss a show. The doctor even contacted the show to arrange for them to do my set up and take down. If you are serious about selling your art you may need to make temporary sacrifices to achieve some long term goals. Think of little things you spend money on during the month, how many of those little things would you give up to help a dream come true?


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