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Are there really any festivals that do not allow pop up / ez-up type art canopies and require higher end more expensive ones? I mean festivals that require a canopy and do not provide one already for the artist. 

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I know this post is nearly two years old, but I'm hoping you can offer advice/updated review of the UnderCover canopy.

I'm leaning towards getting the UnderCover from Costco (I believe it's the Costco version of the R-2) and the black softwalls from Flourish. Are you still pleased with this setup? 

Did you get a full set of upper stabars to use with the doorway + French wall? 

Also, what are you using for weights? 



Cheryl, I do not know if the Costco version is the same as the one directly from undercover. I bought mine directly from undercover. Their website was get The R2 is very good. About the stay bars, you do not need all the Upper State bars to hang the mesh panels. You need the lower stay bars to hang the flourish mesh panels. The upper stay bars are only need for the French wall or the door wall.  I have everything I need for both those setups including a French wall. However I do not remember, because I have not set up the door wall for several years, exactly what is needed as far as in Upper stay bar set up for that part. Whatever it is I know I have it because I have everything needed for French wall or door wall. I would gladly share with you my knowledge however I do not want to make a mistake on that part. If you call the people that flourish, and tell him what you're trying to do they are very, very helpful and honest and telling you exactly what parts you will need and they will even keep you from buying multiple of the same part one you do not need it. They have proven this to me. As far as weights I have used different systems. I do have sandbags but do not like them because sometimes they have gotten torn and that is a mess. My favorite is my homemade weights. I bought LED and have melted and shaped to just what I want. You cannot buy anything else that will give you as much weight in as small a physical space as lead. I do the weights in multiples of about 25 lb each. They are drilled through the center and I put a threaded rod down through the center that has an eye hook on the other end. Then I can just stack as many weights as I want on any Rod to bring the way to whatever I want for each corner of the tent. Then I use a cinch strap to go from the I hook up to the upper corner of my booth. As for the look I just take a black cloth bag and put it around the weights. By having the weights broken up into 25 lb each, they are not too heavy to handle. And they take up the least amount of space in a vehicle that is possible. If you are going to melt the lead yourself, you need to be outside in a well vented area and make sure you're not breathing the fumes. The lead melts at a very low temperature. The best way to get the lead at a very reasonable price is to go to a scrap yardand buy the used lead.

Yes, I am still very happy with my Undercover tents, but I also used my Trimline most of the time. The only problem I've had with the undercover is the walls when I pull them too tight around the brackets on the corners they can get scraped or cut, that is because of the corner brackets from flourish that hold least a bars. That is my own fault not realizing that those brackets have a sharp edge there and I am pulling the outside walls very tight around them.

I hope this helps.

I just got a chance to read my own post here. UGH! I had dictated it, with my phone. Unfortunately it tried to correct my speach. What a mess. I'm sorry about that. I did not mean "LED". I menat "Lead" as in the metal, for the weights.

The walls that were getting a little damage were the curtain walls from the undercover, not the Flourish mesh walls.

The website was  

The UC-2 or the UC-1 are very good units. 

You will want it with the CRS walls. They have a reflective innner coating that is very good.

I did not comment on the Flourish Black Softwalls. They are wunderful. Yes, I'm still extremely happy with them. If you were to see them, they still look brand new. They are used very often but do not seem to wear. Rarely get dirty. Now I do care for them well. I don't lay them on the groud to fold them. I fold them motly in the air, then lay them in their bag to finish the fold.

I recomend having Flourish cut the panels to mke them "convertable". This way they can be used as full panels or door openings. 

The setups for the panels with the needed stabars is here:


I assumed it was a speech to text situation. :) Thanks so much for answering everything in depth. 

I'm intrigued by your weights. Do you have a picture of them? I'm wondering what you use for your form. Do you anchor it also to the leg of the tent? 

I'll keep that in mind about making the panels convertible. Thanks. I'm guessing that placing an order with Flourish should probably be via a phone call rather than online from what you've said. 


One more pesky question about lighting. Do I want a light bar? I'm trying to sort out what would work for 2D art at the most economical price point. If you have suggestions, I'm all ears. 

I'll try to take a picture of the weights. I have a crucible for melting them. It is nothing more than a small curved pot. Build a fire in a pit or outside barrel. LOTS of ventilation.

No I don't always anchor to the leg. sometimes I run a strap around them to keep them from moving, so they are lightly secured to the leg near the stabars. However they are supported completely by the top of the corner posts. On the Undercover there are nylon eyelets sewn into the roof corners. Two at each corner. I hook to both of them. 

Yes, talk to Flourish. Don't just do an online. They will be very personal in dealing with you. I have found them to be very patient.


Depending on your artwork, you will likely want lighting. especially with the Black softwalls. I would figure on at least a deep cycle marine battery, voltage inverter, clamps to hook to the battery, 2) 4' track lights with 4 or  5 heads each, LED bulbs in the light heads. A very good battery charger to recharge the battery at night. The power of the battery will be based upon the type and amount of bulbs you use. 

It is  a shame you are all the way out in WI. If you were closer to the east coast, I have a setup, which I designed and made, I might part with. It is very different. extremely compact. Blends in with your setup (I designed it for just that, as it was my setup too). Without going into all the specs, You can search on the forums as I have discussed it before, with all the specs. It is the idea of three light bars.

You might think of the lighting budget in this way. If you go cheap but don't get adequate lighting. You lose sales. On more sale, due to good lighting, might pay for the lighting system.

Yesterday I ordered the UnderCover R-2 directly from the company as I wanted the Octagonal Aluminum Frame which the Costco version does not have. 

This morning I placed my order with Flourish for the black Softwalls, with the convertible back panel like you suggested, a 4' French wall, upper and lower stabars, and a lightbar. 

Now I need to get on the lighting. It is too bad that there are so many miles between us, because I'd definitely be interested in your lighting setup. I'll search for your specs on your setup. Damn, those deep cycle marine batteries are pricey. 

Yes, the batteries are expensive. You can just go with paying for power at the shows . There are 2 downsides for buying power from the shows.

A) Cost, it adds up to do this show after show. Saving on the power supply by having your own batteries will save a lot, over time.

B) Reliability. I always carry extension cords, in case I have to use "show supplied" power, just in case. However the opposite can be a problem. I was at a remote show, in which I had arranged for show supplied power. Then my booth was relocated due to construction and I could not get power. So I had to quickly go out and buy batteries, voltage inverter etc (I had not packed them figuring I would not need them).

When looking at batteries, pay for better quality. It will be worth it. you could get very expensive and buy Lithium batteries. Extremely expensive but much lighter in weight.

Cheryl, I just created a new thread about the lighting. This is just the description of my cutom lighting setup. I also have other systems.

The thread can be found with a search for:

"Lighting setup Cutom made"

Maybe that will help.

If you are interested, I might sell it. You culd look up shipping. The weight is not much at all. It is the size that would dictate costs. 

Hi Cheryl, I am preparing for my first show and I am looking at a similar set up to what you have with the Flourish walls. I’m wondering how that has worked out for you this past year, and what you ended up doing on lighting. I may find out the lighting answer as I continue to read through this thread but figured I would ask at the same time. Thanks in advance!


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