This may be a dumb question, but I’m doing the Neptune Festival in Virginia Beach in a couple months. The information packet says can’t bring work outside the scope/style of work submitted and juried, or work not submitted with photos. 

Does that mean if I paint 6 new pieces between now and then, in the same style, that I can’t bring them?

New to shows, so I appreciate all the help. 

Leanne Moss

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  • Some shows allow a certain percentage of work not juried in. The Michigan Guild has a 10% rule for new work. Best to ask.

    Larry Berman

  • Thank you Kristy! That’s what I thought too.
  • In my experience, the juried photos give the judges an idea of what to expect from your art. If the new paintings are in the same style, there shouldn't be a problem. I've never had an issue doing this. But, if you're still concerned, see if there is a person working at the festival you can email to ask

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