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Has anyone ever attempted to make their own cable hangers like the ones pro panels sell?

I built my own panels out of aluminum tubing (I actually think mine turned out nicer than what pro panel makes.  only difference is i used a square tube instead of a round).  So i'm looking to save a few bucks and make my own cable hangers.  I bought the tubing and waiting on the cable to come in.  when i get done i will post pictures and see if anyone has any interest, i should be able to do cheaper then pro panel! Below is a pic of my version of pro panels

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I am, at $4 each especially.

Does it say anything about size? I know the ones Propanels sells are about 3" long & will make your artwork hang out from the wall about an inch or so. Just curious if you know about the size of them.
I do not know the size. They look quite a bit smaller than the pro panel version. I would think these would keep it closer to the wall than 1"


check your inbox. ideas there.

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I wonder if these would fit on the cable hanger systems I already have from propanels? Does it give a size diameter for the cable to use with it? I am interested in some of them if I can make them work for me. (I was also looking for some a little bit smaller than propanels sells)
Pro panel uses 1/16" cable and these will accommodate.

I got the cable hangers in today if anyone is still interested.  $4.50 Ea!

We made some out of 2 flat metal washers and 2 pieces of red cut gasket material. A small bolt went in the center with a hex bolt on the back. The wire went directly in the middle. It was very easy to adjust, You will have to work out the hanger at the top. We screwed a small hole in the washer to put a "S" hook to hold, clamp on side of the S to secure. They worked great! And will hold a ton of weight. Use 2 if needed.


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