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Brazen people with high def cell phones video recording booths

Weve had this happen a few times this year -

We have postings up in our booth that state " No Photography , No Video recordings , Copyrighted work " .

and when i personnally requested they stop they pretended they didn't hear me and continued doing it ( walking very slow threw the booth ) . I think this person was from another country becasue they were talking to the their phone in a language i did not understand  while they were taking their time doing this - sorry i cant distinguish their language ( mean no offense to anyone )

Talking to other Artists , I was told they a have been seeing this more frequently and that

their are concerned as well .  this is a problem of sorts - but it does seem they mean harm

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Hi Larry, It did unfortunately sound too good to be true! But I felt hopeful enough that I'd would have "checked it out"!
Thanks for saving me a lot of time with your perfectly timed, "dose of reality"! 
PS With so many "miracles" happening these days, technologically speaking,'s hard to separate reality from "wishful-thinking"!   Thanks, Louise 

I thought it was too good to be true. That explains why the ads were so vague with no real tech data. I guess the only place we'll ever see it is in the movies.


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