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I am working on creating a nicer booth setup, and I'm considering signage.  I make handpainted and some hand-made jewelry. I call out the difference because 90% is painted glass originals, the other is I'm starting to do some with semi-precious stones.  I typically share my booth at more expensive shows with my husband who is a fine art photographer.

We recently invested in some pro-panels and found we really like an open booth concept - I will update and attach my latest booth picture from this weekend when I get it back from my husband.  I  have created some display panels that I REALLY like using canvas and frames and some small handmade hooks. I'm thinking of adding some signage since I get the same questions over and over, mostly concerning what I'm selling (small packages from a distance are hard to see so I get it).

I'm attaching a proof mockup from a signage company and I'd like input as to if it would help or hurt for the nicer shows - currently we're trying to get into some regional shows and are waiting on the results of the applications.

Thanks for the advice!


Whimsy Tree Art.pdf

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