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As a relative newcomer, I still have tons of questions about every little thing I might do. It occurred to me, after seeing this category, that it would have been a giant help to me to just see examples of working artists' booths in one place, instead of searching around for information. I'm starting the thread by showing mine, and I hope others will add theirs. It really could help someone.

I know my shot isn't perfect.  What is good about it definitely came from advice I found on AFI.  I can say that while it is imperfect, it got me into a great show.  I had to borrow the tent and walls from a friend because I still don't have my own tent (with only 30 days before the great show - yikes!), but I think it came out relatively well.


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Jim and Larry, thank you both for stepping up and showing it off!  Both booths look awesome!  I can't wait until I can get mine to look half as good.  I really think these shots will help other people with understanding what to do for a booth shot (and a booth, for that matter). You guys rock!


I've downsized to a minivan and am using mesh walls. I just ordered a hanging system from Flourish so I can do two rows.

Larry Berman

Larry, I currently have Flourish mesh walls, and am considering used Pro panels instead. Is the use of mesh walls acceptable in juried shows?

Yes and I assume the number of artists using mesh walls is growing as artists are selling off older full size vans and purchasing minivans to save on travel expenses. I'm one of those artists.

One thing I recommend doing is keeping the canopy walls lowered behind mesh walls to cut down on backlighting.

Larry Berman

Thank you Larry, I'm considering the covers, for a more finished look, but after viewing other booths that are wire and mesh, I'm seeing that "elegance", good lighting, and absence of clutter are the key elements.

There are quite a few booth shots scattered around the AFI site.  Do a search in the Photos section for "booth" and a general search for "booth shot" or "booth photo".

I know, Annette. That's what I did when I was figuring it all out.  I was hoping to make it easier for people just coming in, so that they wouldn't have to go through lots of messages to see a few shots.  Thanks for adding to the discussion!   This is the best place to see booth shots.  There are 36 albums full of booth photos.  

I didn't see any booths with glass. I have shelves and when the wind blows I get very nervous. The shelves are on the right and left as one walks in. Do you think that's a good place for them? Have you seen any nice booths showing fused glass? I have an EZ up.      Help please. 

What's on the back wall to draw them in? A good place for large photographs if you have the space.

Not seeing a picture or knowing how large or heavy your pieces are, it's difficult to make recommendations.

Larry Berman

 No good reason that I can think off not to show one's booth shot. It's not like there's some great secret involved in having a good one. Here's my current image. I'm discontinuing the tabletop browse bins this year and plan to display only larger bins with 16x20 and larger mats but I haven't updated the booth image yet.

Your shot is fine overall, Shannon but I would consider hanging more larger/fewer smaller images (less cluttered) and hanging them in a less random looking arrangement. 

I think this one is in my fav 5! I love it. It's clean and eye catching. I like the separation of bw and color images. Makes me wish I was a photographer!


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