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As a relative newcomer, I still have tons of questions about every little thing I might do. It occurred to me, after seeing this category, that it would have been a giant help to me to just see examples of working artists' booths in one place, instead of searching around for information. I'm starting the thread by showing mine, and I hope others will add theirs. It really could help someone.

I know my shot isn't perfect.  What is good about it definitely came from advice I found on AFI.  I can say that while it is imperfect, it got me into a great show.  I had to borrow the tent and walls from a friend because I still don't have my own tent (with only 30 days before the great show - yikes!), but I think it came out relatively well.


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Here was my booth at Crocker Park a few weekends ago


Shannon's booth is very clean and appealing to the eye - draws you in to take a closer look. 

Thanks Jennifer! Yours looks great. I'm so happy that so many of us have taken the challenge and shared their booth shots. I know this will help a lot of newbies.

This is my booth shot for now,redid booth for shows where I travel more and need to compact things.

The pedestals and cases break down flat.

When it gets too hot,I can roll up white tent sides and the sheers still maintain a boundary and look really cool in the breeze.

Okay. I am learning slowly but here was my booth at West Shore in Ludington this past weekend...

We gave up our leaky pop-up and black grates, and bought a used trimline w/mesh panels. And added more pieces. Moving toward a more cohesive display and common theme -  Relax, Reflect, Refresh

1. is the old setup

2. We used the mesh panels without the black cover for the initial setup

3. Put up the black covers for the art fair. (taken in the sun with my iphone in a pinch)

We're getting a few more pieces finished tomorrow, and going to try another setup with the black covers for another booth shot.

Consistently accepted into medium shows, rejected for larger shows with booth shot #1. 

Still really green!

Would love some feedback.



I feel like adding a few more prints on the wall, somewhere between what's in the second shot and the third. Pay more attention to laying out the framed pieces on an aligned grid spacing with the tops even.

I would suggest also using a lens or camera with a wider view so the walls on the sides open up a bit more and the work is more visible. It makes the back wall smaller but you gain the sides with more visibility and it allows you to showcase extra work besides your jury pieces. The trick is that the jury pieces go on the sides with enough visibility to know they are there, and additional pieces go on the back effectively doubling what you're able to show the judges.

I have several articles in my blog from mock juries that describe staging the booth and what the judges are looking for. These might be helpful for you. Here's the one that discusses the booth slide and how to set it up;

My newest one.

Looks nice, Dan! The white space behind the right wall is a bit attention grabbing, though... While it may be there when you set up for a show, is there any way to add another panel with one or two pieces on it? It's the brightest object in the shot and as such, somewhat distracting.

To add to what Jim said, if you pull back a little you'd be able to shoot it without cutting off any of the front left corner frame.

Larry Berman
It looks very clean and nicely elegant. The only nitpick, besides what Jim pointed out, would be to open it up just a little more so the framed pieces on the outside edges aren't cropped off.

Thanks for the input. I worked on it, I had other images from that day. I'm not sure if this makes a real difference. To add a new panel, I would have to reshoot; which I will do after my next road trip.


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