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As a relative newcomer, I still have tons of questions about every little thing I might do. It occurred to me, after seeing this category, that it would have been a giant help to me to just see examples of working artists' booths in one place, instead of searching around for information. I'm starting the thread by showing mine, and I hope others will add theirs. It really could help someone.

I know my shot isn't perfect.  What is good about it definitely came from advice I found on AFI.  I can say that while it is imperfect, it got me into a great show.  I had to borrow the tent and walls from a friend because I still don't have my own tent (with only 30 days before the great show - yikes!), but I think it came out relatively well.


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Jan - what are you using to hang the earrings from?  Just curious as we consider new display options while we're trying to downsize the booth set up.

Ruth, I made several panels from hardboard. They hang from the top pole of my Trimline tent. The earring cards are hung on 1/8" brass rod (available at Home Depot/Lowe's/Menards/any good hardware store) which I cut to the desired length. I drilled holes in the hardboard and secured the rods to the panel with wire which I simply bent over in the back. Nothing fancy, but it works. I had to add a small washer between the rod and panel in order for there to be room for the card to slip behind the rod. The photo shows four panels hung tightly so it looks like just one.


This past weekend I used my new booth backdrop for the first time...I also switched my table coverings from black to red. I still need to modify the table cover to add fabric to reach the floor. 

Following are links to a) the un-retouched photo of the booth and b) a photoshopped photo I would like to use for jury booth shot...

I am open to comments and suggestions...please.

The only thing the viewer sees in the Photoshopped booth is the overly bright red table cloth in the front. The red in the original is much better as it doesn't draw your eyes away from the work.

The second version is a better crop though it needs to be cropped down from the top and in from the right to get rid of the chair.

But you're still showing an indoor booth picture which isn't appropriate for most applications.

Larry Berman

Thank you, Larry.

I will try to edit the red on the front table and crop as you suggested.

I don't do many outdoor shows, so as of yet I haven't gotten an outdoor booth shot, my first outdoor show this season will be in May...Art Alive in Quakertown, PA.

Thanks again for your insights.

I have attached an updated booth shot. Better than our first one but still a work in progress. We want to thank Larry for some great work digitally improving our booth shot and helping us with new images for the jury. I am attaching a new booth shot after Larry was finished with it.

By the way, we did not visit Larry's website until this weekend. There was a lot of helpful information there. We would have saved ourselves a considerable amount of time, had we checked it out sooner. People just starting out (like us), should check it out. The link is below

I went ahead and re-did the Photoshopped booth shot. Keep the colors closer to the original without too much manipulation...cropped as suggested by Larry Berman. I am happier with this edition


I would most certainly like to add my booth photo into the critique arena and get any comments and insught anyone has to offer. This is one way we learn and improve...


Not a thing wrong with that shot - except maybe could be a little bit brighter. (Although as a photographer my monitor is calibrated, but most computers are not and are turned up too bright. So this is probably fine). Nice job.

ok just a questions here, in all the photos posted I am seeing what the inside of the booth looks like and no shots of the entire booth, so I image that is what the juries are wanting? 

You just need enough of the booth to show that it's an outdoor booth, and not a frame used for an indoor show, if you're applying to outdoor shows. It's better to minimize the canopy and sides of the tent. The jury wants to see if you have:

1) A cohesive body of work

2) A professional looking display

3) Enough work to last through an entire show


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