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I tried to move up to larger and better art festivals this year, and was met with a resounding NO. I'm thinking my booth could be part of the issue and hopefully someone can point me in the right direction? I do know this shot is darker than preferable.

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The short answer is that your display needs to move up in sophistication to match what artists who get into those better shows use.

Not to be harsh but you should walk the shows you want to apply to and see if your display fits.

I suggest getting rid of the tables and table covers and lattice. To get into better shows you need to have more of a gallery look.

 Check out this thread:

 Larry Berman

Hi I agree with Larry and David, it's time for some upgrades, here's what I would do: invest in a set of pro panels, that eliminates the drapes and lattice. Go to Lowes and get clip lights for attaching to the rafters of your tent. Get a carpet or flooring product for a nice floor covering. If you do those three things it will make a huge difference and will cost right around $2000.00. If you buy it all new. Then if you get into a few good shows you will be able to recoup that investment pretty quickly

There's no canopy in the picture either.

Larry Berman

This gives me good things to start with. Thank you. Unfortunately Northern Indiana isn't cooperative about clear ground or weather in January so I had to set it up in my garage. I do plan to go to the shows I didn't get into this year to see what they look like. I absolutely hate the look of pro panels. Would the Mesh type hanging walls give the same boost to the look?

Thank you all for the responses, I really appreciate the help!

Mesh walls are fine. If jurors like your work a booth shot with mesh walls will not keep you out.

I second all that has been said by Larry and David.

I'm doing shows for the first year this summer. I applied for about 20 shows hoping to hit on about 50% of them which I read some where was a pretty good average. So far I have four responses and have been invited to three and was put on a wait list for the fourth. One of the invites was from the State Street Fair in Ann Arbor which is supposed to be one of the top shows. When I purchased and set up my booth in early Feb I did not go cheap. Spent close to $4,000 but I truly believe if I did not have a first rate booth shot I would not have had the success rate I have had so far.
Oh, and by the way I feel your pain. I live in Northwest Ohio and had to shovel snow off my deck in order to set up my booth for the first time. I got all the way up to 23 degrees that day. I attached a shot of my booth.


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