I’ve only done indoor shows without booths to this point.  I’m saving up to get a good canopy, and had planned to just rent one for the first few shows I do.  That presents a problem in getting a good booth pic.  Any ideas on getting a pic without having to buy a canopy first?




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  • We did booth shots for artists for 27 years in the Midwest & at the ACC shows.
    When we shot indoor booths, we tried to find angles that had the least amount of canopy/panels showing as they reflect light & are not that attractive, so you don't want to distract the jury by the shiny booth panels.
    But you do need something in the background for your shot. Nice fabric, stands with plants, a photo of your work all will add to the booth shot especially for jewelry booths where it is difficult to see the work itself, so they focus more on the booth set-up.
    Outdoor shows often require seeing the canopy - check the application & talk to the director as suggested.
    Sharon Richwine
    Jerry Anthony Photography
  • I use booth shots that don't include my tent - just my display. I set up at a friends photo studio and he took the photos. I also have a couple of shots of my indoor booth that I use (also no tent in the photo). Has not been a problem using these.
  • You could try going to the trimline website, they have photos of empty booths, then just photoshop your images in ;-)
  • Thanks for all the replies everone!
  • If you can't borrow a tent from someone for your booth photo - My first few shows were inside craft shows - just a table really. I always take a photo of my set up. The first outdoor show that I applied to allowed me to send in the photo of my inside table set up just to give them an idea of the display that I was using. I agree with Arlene and Bob, talk to the promoters and explain the situation. Good luck to you
  • When I was starting out, a few shows allowed me to take a photo of several of my pieces mounted on a white wall, stating they wanted to see a body of my work. Check with various promoters, and make the phone call.
  • Rent or borrow a canopy to take a booth picture. You can also try applying to the few shows that have an emerging artist category because you wouldn't need a display picture, just another art image.

    Larry Berman
    Digital Jury Services
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