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I was looking to make my booth look a lot better this summer. I was thingking about getting some cubical like walls. Does anyone have any advice on where I could get such a thing at a good price, or do you all have a better idea?

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Not sure what you mean. Could you describe this? Also, what is your medium? Might help with suggestions.
I'm not exactly sure what I mean either, I'm just looking for some good ideas. You know the basics.....easy to move, easy to set up, looks clean and proficional....oh ya and!!!!
Sounds like you mean Pro Panels:

They do come up used from time to time on the art show related forums, but sell right away.

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services
Thanks for the feedback. I would figure that they would sell quick! Where would be a good place to search an art show forums?
My forum of over 6,000 artists mostly photographers:

The Art Fair SourceBook forum:

Occasionally they come up for sale on eBay. The Pro Panels web site also has a forum.

Larry Berman
Digital Jury Services
Check out some of these LazBoy Stores that are going out of Business. They may have some for sale.
That is a really good idea! My Mom and sister keep going to one I'll have them scope it out for me....Thanks!
Hi Christy..... I see you do pottery. If you are looking for walls that offer shelves, then is the place to go. They aren't easy to find used and to get set up for a 10x10 tent it will likely run greater than $2200 new. Rather steep for an artist that really does not need hanging wall space.

To keep costs down for you, I've seen many artists that typically have no need for walls use various types of material (curtain type setup). I have long envied their flair for creativity as most look very classy - then again very few look just plain gawdy. If it's not gangbuster art fair season near you yet and you can't physically get ideas while walking a show, you may want to go to the websites of some of the top rated shows. They generally have photos of past years events and you may get ideas from those photos that won't cost as much as ProPanels.

Good luck in your search. I too am upgrading my booth this year.... OUCH!
I do make pottery but I also make wall sculptures, and this year I was going to focus on that a little more, which is why I'm in the market for some walls....and I hate how un complete my booth looks, I want it to look a lot more inviting, so that people just have to come in and look!! Thanks for the ideas, I hope you have some fun upgrading too....and good luck this summer!!
Hi Christy,

I just changed my display for my wood carvings from a table display to seven foot vertical bi-fold panels with adjustable shelving. This gives me plenty of room to arrange the shelving to accomondate various heights and base widths of my carvings. I would be happy to send you photos of my display. My mail address is I had the panels made by a cabinet maker in North Carolina and then I finished them my self.


Bob Stuart - AKA - Old Man Carvings
Thanks Suzan, I thought about doing somethig like that, but I wasn't sure how stable it was. Do you get any trouble on windy days?


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