I like to call this weekend in July the Great American Art Fair Weekend with so many choices of shows all around. A few that come quickly to mind: State College (PA), Cain Park (Cleveland Heights, OH), Madison (WI) and the Krasl Art Fair in Michigan. Also big in exhibitors but not as good in quality there are Wyandotte and Plymouth in metro Detroit.

I'll be in St. Joe, MI, on Friday night and Saturday and look forward to meeting many of you there. On Friday evening I'll be in the big white tent hosted by Schu's Restaurant on the main street across from the show. It is a good central place for us to meet up after you set up and I'd like to treat you there to a little AFI hospitality. Can I expect you?

Where will you be? Tell us so we can meet up.

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  • I'll be in Lewes, DE Saturday doing their Historical Society show.  First time for me.  Just a one dayer, so up early and home late for me.  Fortunately, it's looking cooler than it was last weekend.

    • Yes, it looks like it is going to be cooler everywhere this weekend. What a relief. I love Lewes -- cool town where we used to catch the ferry to Cape May.

  • I'll be at Madison Off the Square in booth #73.

    • Love a report back from you, Patty.

  • Hi Connie, I will be at Cain Park this weekend, then up to Ann Arbor from there. Hoping for good sales and good weather.

    Harrison Otalor

    • If you see Honey Feinberg or George Kozmon please tell them hello from me and my husband, Norm Darwish. They are great folks and we always had a good time at Cain Park. Hope it works for you too, Harrison.

  • I will be in Naperville,Il for the Womens  annual show .As far as the heat 90 degrees will be vast improvement I think if it drops in the 80's people here will be looking for their jackets after 100 degree days LOL. I did Bartlett Il couple of weeks ago was happy to come out with my tent and life  for I watched the straight line  winds from my booth  a mere 6 blocks away if it would have hit the fair there would not have been a tent standing Good Luck everyone stay cool and stay safe

    • I'm thinking this is run by a volunteer committee, more power to them! I hope it goes well for you, Brian.

    • Please let us know how that show is.  I opted for Northbrook this year but that was a definite consideration when I was doing my applications!

  • My wife (and artist, Chris Barting) will be doing the Madison, WI show. We are excited as this will be our first time doing this event. It looks as though things might be a little tight for setup on Friday night. Does anyone in the group have any experience with this event and the set up routine?

    We hope everyone has a great selling weekend no matter what event you are doing. I'll be sure to share our comments and experiences when we get back next week. Have a safe and successful weekend.

    Art Lane 

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