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I like to call this weekend in July the Great American Art Fair Weekend with so many choices of shows all around. A few that come quickly to mind: State College (PA), Cain Park (Cleveland Heights, OH), Madison (WI) and the Krasl Art Fair in Michigan. Also big in exhibitors but not as good in quality there are Wyandotte and Plymouth in metro Detroit.

I'll be in St. Joe, MI, on Friday night and Saturday and look forward to meeting many of you there. On Friday evening I'll be in the big white tent hosted by Schu's Restaurant on the main street across from the show. It is a good central place for us to meet up after you set up and I'd like to treat you there to a little AFI hospitality. Can I expect you?

Where will you be? Tell us so we can meet up.

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I'll be at a little [30 artists] show in Virginia Beach!

So what did you think of the show this weekend? I was a bit disappointed,,,I was surprised to sell a few things today. I think the weather really hurt things yesterday for sure. I fell that it was more about the culinary artist and John Gowdy then the people in the white tents lol. Just my two cents lol.


It was good meeting you both there.  I agree with you that the crowd was there for the culinary arts and John Gowdy.  The standard "art show crowd" wasn't there.  I've seen this with other shows that mix art and wine, or art and anything.  You don't get the art buyers the first year.  Sometimes it takes a few years to get that crowd supporting a show.  The same group puts on an Art and Wine show in May.  The first year everyone was there for the wine.  I haven't been back, but I understand the art sales are picking up, so I may do it next May. 

I was disappointed too. I think the show didn't really get much publicity.... and John Gowdy certainly did get most of the attention.  Very thin attendance for the artists. 

Surprisingly, very few people in Virginia Beach even knew about the event. Most people came from the neighborhood surrounding Town Center. 

One of the problems with publicity at the Town Center is that it's a commercial place, and they have to pay for advertising.  Events like the Ocean View Art Show, Seawall, Stockley, and Gosport, are all connected with charities.  That gets those shows free listings a lot of places. 

There's also an "acceptance" problem.  It seems shows like this have to "earn" an acceptance amoung the art buyers.  I did the first Town Center Art & Wine festival and it was mainly people out for the wine and entertainment.  I haven't been back, but I've heard that sales there have gradually increased.  I've seen that at other new shows, too. 

Attending(not showing) ArtsFest ( Central Pa. Festival) in State College, Pa, and the "sister" to ArtsFest in Boalsburg, PA.

Does this mean, GK, that you'll be doing the Boalsburg show? I remember when they started Boalsburg, oh so many years ago.

EM's show in Northbrook Illinois!  Should be a great show and conveniently I grew up there so I hope to see old friends as well.

One of these days I have to attend one of Erin's events. I hear nothing but solid quality reports. Maybe next year. Love to hear about this. Is it about the 3rd year?

It's the 2nd year for Erin if I remember correctly.  I've done this show on and off since it was a decent show run by a Church's volunteer staff.  I skipped last year because I missed the deadline - glad to be going back this year.

Erin ran a great show.  It was organized and all of the people involved were friendly and helpful.  The threatening weather on Saturday and the extreme heat on Sunday didn't make for great sales, but I continue to look forward to shows that are run by EM.

This show was awful the year  before Erin took over.  Not knowing she took it over, I went to see one particular artist.  I couldn't believe the difference.  I called all my friends to tell them and we went the next day.  Wish it wasn't the same weekend as Krasl.

So much art, so much talent, all in one weekend.  Not enough time.


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