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I like to call this weekend in July the Great American Art Fair Weekend with so many choices of shows all around. A few that come quickly to mind: State College (PA), Cain Park (Cleveland Heights, OH), Madison (WI) and the Krasl Art Fair in Michigan. Also big in exhibitors but not as good in quality there are Wyandotte and Plymouth in metro Detroit.

I'll be in St. Joe, MI, on Friday night and Saturday and look forward to meeting many of you there. On Friday evening I'll be in the big white tent hosted by Schu's Restaurant on the main street across from the show. It is a good central place for us to meet up after you set up and I'd like to treat you there to a little AFI hospitality. Can I expect you?

Where will you be? Tell us so we can meet up.

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I will be exhibiting at the Haddonfield (New Jersey) Crafts and Fine Art Festival. I'm busy getting ready and am excited about this terrific show.

Love to have a report on this. I know nothing about it. Pretty big, isn't it?

Good luck Robin!

I'll be at the Bergstrom Mahler Museum Art Fair in Neenah, WI on Sunday.  Hoping this show will go as well for me as Spring Green did.

Sounds like a nice cool location for the weekend. Hope it goes well also.

I will be doing the Town Center's Fesival of the Arts show in Virginia Beach. This will be a small show with about 30 artists and only 5 hours each day. The cool part about this show is that they will have tents already set up. It will be nice not to have to set my tent up,,,I hope this show wont spoil me! This weekend should be a nice little getaway,,,I plan to sell a little art, hit Chicks Oyster bar for some dinner, hit the ocean Sunday morning for a swim,,,sell a little more art, then come home! Sound like a plan?

That's the spirit, Steven. This can be a nice lifestyle and the easy set up makes it sound like a vacation.

I'll be home in A/c. After 104 degrees last weekend, I will never do another July show. I am sure its lovely in the North where you guys are going, but here in the southeast we've had day after day of record breaking heat, and no idiot is going to get out to buy art in this weather. I'll be hitting the road after Labor Day.

It has been brutal this season for sure, Jane. Not as many storms as in some previous years but the heat has been bad. Some well-established trees in my yard are very stressed, so I'm with you on staying inside. See you in the fall!

My wife (and artist, Chris Barting) will be doing the Madison, WI show. We are excited as this will be our first time doing this event. It looks as though things might be a little tight for setup on Friday night. Does anyone in the group have any experience with this event and the set up routine?

We hope everyone has a great selling weekend no matter what event you are doing. I'll be sure to share our comments and experiences when we get back next week. Have a safe and successful weekend.

Art Lane 

I'm pretty surprised that this is your first time at Madison. I know you've been in the business for awhile. What show have you usually been doing this weekend?

I will be in Naperville,Il for the Womens  annual show .As far as the heat 90 degrees will be vast improvement I think if it drops in the 80's people here will be looking for their jackets after 100 degree days LOL. I did Bartlett Il couple of weeks ago was happy to come out with my tent and life  for I watched the straight line  winds from my booth  a mere 6 blocks away if it would have hit the fair there would not have been a tent standing Good Luck everyone stay cool and stay safe


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