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Every year it seems my EZUP booth gets smaller and smaller. Or do other Artist's booths just get larger and larger? 

For awhile now, I've been considering the bump from an EZUP to a Trimline. As we all know, it's cheaper to expand upward over outward. I have reached that point where my body of work is bigger than my EZ setup can accommodate. Moving to the Trimline would allow me to use my Propanel extenders and display a number of more pieces at outdoor shows. I use the extenders at indoors shows and sales always seem to reflect an increase with more work on display, but its hard to determine if it is the taller booth or is it just the show. 

I'm curious if other Artists saw an increase in sales upon upgrading their outdoor booths? With certainty, I know that it will increase my visibility at outdoor shows which should lead to more foot traffic. And it will improve protection from the weather. But I'd love to hear from others about the financial aspect. 

Photo is my current display. 

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The reason I mentioned the awards as I did is because they were given to an artist in an Easy Up.

I doubt that the canopy type or brand  has an influence on sales.   I do think having a carpet has a big influence. Walking on to a carpet when entering a booth gives a classy feeling over walking on concrete or grass.  The feeling is...... " oh boy, its going to cost a bit to buy something in here."  

I have never owned an EZ-Up tent but I do own a top of the line pop-up tent and also a Trimline. The pop up has a tight vinyl top that will not puddle water, extra solid framework and also has vinyl sides and a vinyl awning. As others have said...the most important thing to do is have it weighted properly and use sta-bars.

I have not noticed a difference in sales depending on what tent I use. That is more of a perception by artists and I don't feel the people coming into any tent really care at all. As a wood artist I do not have the need of additional height to display my work...and therefore 7 ft of height is ideal.

With back problems and shoulder problems the Vitabri tent makes life easier for me during set-up and breakdown.


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