Avondale (JAX, FL)?

Didn't get into Mainsail (St. Pete) this year and am looking for a soft spot to land.

Has anyone done this show recently?  It's in a nice section of JAX and the booth fee is only $150.00. . . but I'm wondering if there's a reason for that.  Thanks in advance...deadline is in 4 days so if you know somethin', don't sit on your typing fingers. ;-)

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  • My husband did it last year and it is the only show he's ever done where he did not make costs, and they were low! However I have heard from others who were happy so that's all I can say. Years ago there was an early fall show in this neighborhood that he sold well at. So if you do it please let us know how it went!
  • Hi Geoff! I'm signed in as Robert but it's Christine. I was the artist selling paintings across from you at the Sawgrass art show last spring...maybe fall...i cant remember. I know it's way past the deadline now (sorry, just came across this) but the Avondale show has been a really good show the last 2 years for me. its a great area with a good art crowd. Are you going to be there this year? If not, I would definitely consider it for next year. Hope you're doing we'll!
    • I am in, Christine. And nice hearing from you again. I'll see you there!
  • Hi Geoff, I was wondering the same thing, I am also looking at possible shows in April. Jackie

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