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Call for Artists, Making Money at Juried Art Fairs, Craft Shows and Festivals

Artists, this is a time for you to stand up for yourself and be the artist you created of yourself. It's time to get rid of the selfish sharks and let organizers that lead with their heart come in. 

BOYCOTT ANY Art Fair NOT giving full refunds and put them on notice.  When art fair makes the decision not to give you a full refund for not coming through on what you paid for they are letting you know they do not possess the proper liability tools to be accountable which makes them unfit to be leaders and organizers. They aren't on your side and we ain't in this together when these are the conditions so push back.

Paypal, banks and credit cards WILL investigate and WIN claims. Money doesn't know hysteria, pandemics and nor does it abide by acts of god, so get what you paid for. You didnt sign up for a partial refund. You didnt get accepted for a postponed date. Get your full refund

A friend and art fair colleague of mine gave me info that Rio Grande only gave their artists 20% refund. Rio Grande, be ashamed of yourself when these artists need their resources. I've done Rio Grande Holiday Show, along with their family affiliate, Cheeseman Park in Denver. I AM NOW BOYCOTTING ALL YOUR SHOWS AND THIS WILL BE THE STORY I SHARE AS TO THE REASON WHY.

Let these organizers END!!! Because youre all replaceable. But good art that sparks life in the community,  thats another lesson to learn which I'm sure your all aware of...otherwise organizers wouldnt organize these profitable events.

The free water in plastic bottles, fake smiles, unhealthy artist dinners don't matter anymore. 

Time to burn the bridges to the selfish. Black list us all.

So artist, add to the list of greedy and share with love those Art Fair Organizers that come prepared, think with their hearts and treat us like were apart of the family.

For me the Art Fairs that show care and LOVE for their artists are:

Oklahoma City




And hold zapplication accountable as the third party that exchanges money for product, just like paypal and ebay.

This is serious that requires your action!!!

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That sounds good in practice. So what happens when it's a show close to the deadline and the advertising has already gone out and the festival organizers are committed to paying for advertising and billboards that have already ran?

Most shows are not for profit, and most of what they take in goes out for marketing. The shows aren't being cancelled out of capriciousness, it's being ordered by the government. If enough lead time is given for the cancellation, then the advertising can be cancelled and there should be enough funds to give 100% or close to it. The shows that are being cancelled across the next few weeks from now simply may not have the funds left to give 100% back. 

Robert Wallis, exactly. I'm involved with a small local  one-day show that was to have been held at our church. The regional church admin has closed all churches. Our show admin has already paid out for advertising. I have suggested prorated refunds as everyone is going to have to bite the bullet a bit this season. I'm looking at eating $1300 if show fees/housing for May and June shows canceled, rescheduled or no word to date. 

My accepted shows (May and June) that I have been in contact with have all been very supportive. They have said they will send full booth fee refunds, less Zapp fees. I understand that those fees have already been paid. I think it is reasonable to have those subtracted. Much as I would like Zapp to return their portion – the percentage of which I do not know - they have employees too, which must be paid. One show is even pushing back the fee due date. I think that is helpful, and hope more will do the same.


There’s one exception: my closest show is in 2 months from today (I only do shows May-October now). They have said that as of now, its full steam ahead with the show. It’s just outside the 8 week period for avoiding large groups. I think that is not wise. I fully expect that period to be extended and for the show to have to be cancelled. In which case I hope that then they will do the right thing. But I will give them a chance to arrive to that conclusion. And if they don't? Yes, I will remember....


I have not been in contact with my later shows. Several are small, run by community arts organizations. Volunteers.  They will face cancellation of the local projects the artists’ booth fees help support: things like arts in the schools, and programs for at-risk youths. They are truly in a rough spot and I don’t know what they will choose to do.


This is uncharted territory for all of us in this era. I am reminded of the stories my parents told of diseases sweeping through neighborhoods and families locked up at home for months in quarantine. Polio, diphtheria, scarlet fever. This was a familiar scenario to generations before ours.


As we sequester ourselves physically, and wait this pandemic out, we must guard against anger and depression. Patience is required of all of us. Yes, I am contacting my art fairs. Yes, ideally I want a full refund. But we will ALL be taking a loss, millions around the world will suffer, and anger is not helpful to us as individuals, or to anyone. 

Anger is not the answer. Panic is not the answer. But our brains get stuck sometimes in that mode. I too am wondering how the small non-profit events are going to do with this. Many of them all volunteer and their profits usually go to support arts organizations or other 501C3's. I am SO pleased to see the refunds that are coming through from large and small events. 

With our advertising I'm on hold with several organizations trying to make the best of the situation. Many of them looking for alternative venues, dates. Do they just reschedule as best they can or take a deep breath and take the hit? It is scramble time for them ... imagine the chaos in the offices of Bayou City, Main Street, Artisphere and Brookside! 

Robert, Richard and Linnea you've been stalwarts on this site for a long time. So many people appreciate your feedback and anecdotal help.

And YES -- shame on those big short-sighted events. 


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