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Hi guys!

Annette here from Downunder (Australia)!  Hope this finds all my old friends well! I am still in the biz and I see your posts in my email and pop into the site but have turned into a lurker! 

However, I need Stateside advice and here is the first place I thought I could ask :)  You might recall I'm in a rural area here in Australia and most of my shows are within a few hours, they tend to the small rather than large size, and I've done well.  But the combination of an ongoing drought (heading into our 2nd year) reducing spending dramatically in rural areas, AND getting older means I want to pull back on shows (except the very profitable ones or ones I love to do) and increase my online sales.   To this end I've been beavering away through 2019 and sales online (via website and facebook) have increased, but are still small compared to in person sales.  

While searching for information I came across the "Artist Marketing Formula" which appears to be solely about marketing on facebook for artists/artisans/craftspeople etc. As I already sell through FB I know it can work, and getting a 'playbook' of how to get FB to work for you rather than against you is appealing!

The program is by Dave Emmons from Vermont who makes hanging water gardens (blown glass I believe) and he sounds convincing, but the cost is fairly high at $1000USD ($1600AUD) and I am so resistant to paying for marketing especially when you still have to do it yourself!  

So, I would love to know if anyone has done his program / heard of someone who has done the program and what they thought and if it was worth the $$?

Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Shelly, no I didn't do it.  I was offered to be a BETA tester for a marketing course a month ago and my takeaway from that was that I was basically doing everything and unless I wanted to spend on advertising, don't expect too much - let it build organically and keep positive!  As the course also talked to coaches, I realised its quite easy money for them - as long as their copy is good and you sign up/pay they are just providing guidelines - which I was told - is all out there somewhere on the web.   its up to us do the hard work and implement it the information and if it doesn't work, well, they don't promise anything!

I decided to keep doing my own thing.  Online sales are slowly but steadily increasing.  

Hi Annette,

I'm an artist in Vermont. I just watched his 'live' webinar about his program. I realized that I met him about 7 years ago at a show in NY. 
He's a great salesman and I remember his water gardens selling like hotcakes. I've not had that kind of luck with my work which is contemporary abstract oil painting. Art festivals (especially art and craft) aren't working for me and I've had some awful experiences with galleries. While I have tried to be active on IG and FB it's like Dave says..I was just waiting for buyers and fans to come to me and wasn't being very proactive. So, his program appeals to me. And I've spent way more than $1000 this year on shows that were a complete bust. So the price doesn't freak me out. I just don't have it right now. 
Let me know if you run across anyone who's signed up. I'll reciprocate. I may try to connect with him directly.



Hi there,

I just got sucked into his marketing webinar. Don't waist your time anyone that is interested. 20 min. into it he was still trying to pump you up by bating us. I finally got off and decided to look him up which led me here. It's clearly a sales pitch like waiting to hear what is it? I have been a working artist for 20 years and have had great success and suffered through the economic disaster of 2007. More and more gallerists and some artists I've noticed are trying to get our attention to sell us Marketing advice. These things just keep popping up on social media and email. You can learn how to bake a pie and if you want to sell it you have to figure that out. Use social media host a pop up gallery, there are so many ways. You just have to try some things on your own and don't listen to the noise or worry about what someone else is doing. 

I could go on and on, I'm just tired of seeing people trying to take advantage of artists. I'm in galleries and I also sell online and on social media. Feel free to ask me questions, I'll answer them for free. I recommend this video on youtube, it's free and has some helpful notes.  Have a wonderful day! -Tina Palmer

Be aware this guy and his program may cost you customers. He continually hits you will his sales pitches. Even after he has been told not to.

Doing this will alienate your clientele. 

Hammering potential customers after they show no interest and tell you no, does not win sales. It causes animosity. 

Run form this guy.

Hello, artist friends. I've been away from AFI for quite a while, which is to say my wife and I are slowing down a lot more than I ever expected we'd be.

I just accessed my Instagram @barrielynnbryant and saw the ad from Dave Emmonds and his "Artist Marketing Formula" for the first time. The ad says the classes which start today are FREE. That doesn't mean it'll be worth the time to take it. I didn't sign up for anything, but I found the offer interesting, because I have absolutely no Facebook knowledge since I've never had an active account, but I want to start trying to sell this way.

I am active on Instagram and actually enjoy that kind of social media outlet as much as I like what goes on here at AFI. Instagram and AFI are completely different outlets, though. I've been away from AFI because we're doing so few shows anymore due to health and inability to travel to our best market. That was always Florida, and our home/studios are in Wyoming 2000 miles away from that market. So I'm starting to try to sell online, or at least to use the social media services to attract a gallery or other outlet to sell closer to home for me. This is very important right now.

I've only read a few posts above mine about this Vermont artist's Facebook marketing program. Thanks for posting about it, everyone. I think we can all learn the basics of Facebook Business Page marketing through basic online tutorials that aren't targeting specific groups such as artists. As with everything we do, we're all different and all must find our own way to our customer. Using AFI is a great way to help one another, and I'm thankful for it once again. Thanks a million, Connie and all on AFI! WOOHOO!

How wonderful to see you pop up here again, Barrie. I hope you and AB are getting those health issues under control.

As far as the Facebook marketing seminars, the way I look at it is we're all juggling so many things, reaching out in any way using social media does take a lot of time, but if I can swing it paying someone to help me learn it faster (hence hoping for rewards sooner) I'd do it. Dave understands our business, as do others if you can find them. Yes, you can do it yourself, but why invent if someone has already done it? 

Connie, that would make sense. However Dave's method of just harassing people. Antagonizing them by baraging them with emails, after he has been told to cease, is counterproductive. 

If I am able to talk a customer into a sale, while in my booth...fine. If I chase them down the aisle, beating them over the head, to try and get that sale, I will not only lose that customer, I will lose all those who were around and alienate the potential customers. He uses a hard sell, beat the bushes, harassment methodology that I would never employ.  BTW I have experience in teaching sales.

Trickster techniques are unethical, to my way of doing business. I will never take or support his program. I have tried talking / communicating with him. No longer.


With all do respect, I have been in business for over 35 years. I have a loyal following of over 91,000 fans. I have spent the last 3 years of my life perfecting the (complicated) art of creating a successful, sustainable online business. Beyond that, I have spent over 14 month developing a course and coaching program unlike anything available online, teaching artists, craftsmen and specialty small business owners how to have sustainable online success. My students are thrilled with the results they are getting from my course.

My lifetime access course and coaching program is changing the game for them, and opening up a bright future. As Connie says...anyone can go online and figure this all out....that’s what I spent 3 years, (and about $10,000) doing. It a fascinating learning experience. Or you can do as I have done, and you can invest in some mentoring. The choice is entirely up to every individual.  

One of the unique things about my course and coaching program is the direct access I give my students to myself. They all have my personal cell phone number (802) 236-2566 and they have my private email address I give any student free one-on-one coaching for the asking. This is above and beyond the Lifetime Access that they get with the course. The course is updated monthly (so that it is never out of date). I host Live Monthly coaching calls (3 hour calls) where I answer all questions and I share new profit producing strategies for online marketing.

To date, I have gifted enrollment into my course to over 27 artists who have reached out to me with heart wrenching stories, and an inability to enroll in the course. How many show promoters do you know who give away booth spaces?

I am beyond an honorable man.

Again, with all due respect...Your comments are a mischaracterization of me and my program. We live in a modern world of email, and most businesses have email platforms that utilize follow up emails. If you are comparing follow-up emails to running down an isle to beat a customer up and take their money....that is flawed analogy.

Every day I receive dozens of emails from show promoters soliciting me to exhibit at their shows. Each week I receive at least one phone call from a show promoter asking if I would give their show some more thought....and they ask, “can we email you the application again”. I love the emails and I love the phone calls. I am honored they have chosen to reach out to me. I feel blessed that we live in a country where businesses thrive, and men and women risk so much to go into the business of promoting shows for artists like us. I wish I could do all of their shows.....just to be able to show them the respect they deserve. 

Larry, the thing is, when business men and women, risk everything to pursue something greater then themselves they have to bring what they have created to market. Show promoters desire to give artists a venue to sell their order for the promoters to stay in business they need the artists to invest in the event (in the form of a booth fee) and when this transaction takes place, and the artist has a profitable show....a perfect thing has happened. If it wasn’t for all of the risks taken by the show promoters the artists would be left to figure out how to sell their work on their own. I have always been more than happy to invest with show promoters who run quality events...and I love knowing that the promoters are prospering.

With my course and coaching program. I have taken 14 months of my life (thousands of hours away from my business) to create a course and coaching program that is changing lives. I currently spend 70 hours a week working with artists, craftsmen, and specialty small business owners, teaching them the strategies that will produce a long-term, sustainable, successful online future for their work. This is an exit strategy for so many veteran artists. I am honored to work with each and everyone of them. I will do 110% of what is required to see that they have online success. I work with them 7 days a week.

I am available to answer any questions from anyone day or night. My personal cell phone number is listed in all of my emails and I welcome calls (802) 236-2566

I believe Connie knows, it is my desire to serve this community.


David Emmons

Artist Marketing Formula™

Step By Step Success With Facebook Marketing™

Yes, you can call me

Cell 802-236-2566

Shop office 802-783-8192

I am responding to ALL other artists... not Dave.

All should note, Dave has evoked my name in the prior reply, many times. However all it does is give a long, drawn out marketing pitch, by him.

What he fails to note is the many times, he has been contacted by me with explicit instructions to cease and desist, to stop contacting me. However he still pushes with FALSE subject lines and marketing in his emails, etc.

Once a person has notified a company / person to stop communication, when that entity continues to pursue communicating, it alienates the customer and brings possible lawsuit against the perpetrator. Dave has told me on the phone, as well as in emails that he was sorry and would cease. However he continues. Including here. I guess litigation will have to be brought forth. What a shame. If only he had been honest about being sorry and immediately ceasing and desisting. Definitely not what I would ever want done with my customers. I would advise others to be cautious also. Integrity is highly questionable, as is evident.


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