Hey there, folks. I'm researching Washington State and just might apply to Artfest Spokane soon since the deadline is March 13, 2017. The show is June 2-4 and could be a perfect time to be in Spokane. I might be in Estes Park, Colorado the weekend before that, and I live in Kirby, Wyoming which is in between the two somewhat. So I'll do Estes and then spend one night at home on my way to Spokane, which is 700 miles from Kirby.

I read a review on Art Fair Calendar about the Spokane show which sounded like it could be pretty good, especially now that folks are thinking the economy is rebounding. Anyone got news about the recent shows there? Hows the weather then? I hope it won't be hot, but I don't think that's the hot time just yet. THANKS, and WOOHOO!

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  • Thanks for commenting, Ruth. We were flat out rejected from this show. So we'll not be coming to Spokane after all. C'est la vie. But it's great getting yours and Mandy's take on it.

    We were exhibitors in a February show that used to be held in the Ridpath Hotel back in 2000. It wasn't very good for us, but it had potential. We've not been back to Spokane since, because we discovered Florida, and it was good to us from the start! So we traveled the other direction for two tours each year, in spring and fall. Now we must exhibit closer to home, so Spokane and Washington State are on our radar.

  • Hi Barrie, so sorry haven't been on his site much lately. I would love to find show in Spokane that works for us, sadly I can only say we have failed thus far. This is my home town, I spent 20+years of my life here, volunteered at the Campbell House museum on he edge of the park where Art fest occurs when I was in school. For us it was one of our most unprofitable shows ever, despite the museum allowing us to park our RV for free. Have never applied again, we had a perfect weather weekend which I know is unusual but still had a lousy sales weekend.

  • Hi Barrie - I did this show last year.  It was actually my very first show!  I don't have a ton of experience yet so take my comments with a grain of salt:


    • Booth fee wasn't too high for a 3 day show with decent attendance
    • Nice park location and I liked the circular layout which promotes a good flow and leaves no "dead zone".
    • Nice artist reception after setup on Thursday night
    • Very encouraging & supportive jury (I'm biased...they gave me an award)


    • Security was a concern last year; there was some theft on the night after setup.
    • Wide range of booths from jam and soap to fine art brings lots of visitors that are browsers not buyers.
    • No vehicle access to booth; everything must be carted in & out.
    • Weather can get very hot and if so that kills the crowds. Sunday after about 11 am when temperatures got into the 90's crowds just disappeared.

    I did just OK at this show, not great. Friday was a big fat gooseegg; Saturday was decent as some Friday browsers came back to buy on Saturday. Sunday morning was OK until it got hot and then it was very slow. Granted it was my first show and a big learning experience and since then I've gotten better at interacting with the customers, so I likely didn't do as well as I might've. 

    Another artist I've talked to about shows in the area has told me to avoid Spokane as it is quote "more like a carnival." I don't know that I'd take it that far but certainly there is a lot of not-fine-art stuff mixed in with the fine art.

    I would definitely do the show again to see if my OK experience turns good with more shows under my belt and an improved economy. Trying to decide if I'll do it this year as unfortunately the date conflicts with a potential trip I'd like to take. I guess I better decide in the next few days! 

    • Mandy, how generous of you to provide such a wonderful review of the show for me. I hope others will see this review, because it's a great one! We'll see about the show. I'm a little nervous hearing that temps were so hot and about the theft. I'm not keen on heat and theft, but I can take the heat. I'll keep you posted about it in this thread. Thanks again! WOOHOO!

  • I applied to this show yesterday through zapplication, but I'm till interested in hearing anyone's news about it. THANKS!

  • Bumping this to the top. Anyone got some news about Spokane?

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