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Hi, all - Has anyone done ArtExpo in NYC? It is expensive, $3550 is pretty much the cheapest price, but it seems the potential upside is enormous. If anyone has done it, have you done ArtExpo itself, or Solo, which seems to be a part of the whole event, though I do not understand the distinction... 

At any rate, I'd appreciate any insights or experience. Thanks! 

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Carrie, many artists have done this over the years, some for multiple times. Member Mary Johnston has had success at it and has been there in recent years. She is also opting to do a new fair run by them in San Diego. Now that seems a good endorsement. Not sure if there is a blog on here about her experiences there or if we've just had a private conversation about it.

Look for her page on the site and message her about it.

thanks, Connie, I will!

I know an artist who did it for a number of years, in fact his overall space in the show would cost him nearly $20K since he really did it up right and made a big splash. But, guess what? Even though he says that all the galleries know him now, he's only doing outdoor art fairs and not doing ArtExpo or participating in gallery shows at all. He's selling his own work at outdoor fairs such as Sausalito, Amdur, and Paragon events.

I know one thing, it was certainly a great venue for Andy Warhol and Peter Max.

You might want to get a complimentary subscription to Art Business News AT THIS LINK ON THEIR WEBSITE. I used to be a trade subscriber, but quit it about 10 years ago. ArtExpo artists advertise profusely in that magazine, or I know they used to advertise in it back when I read it.

Thanks, Barrie Lynn Bryant! Appreciate the info and input. 

You are welcome, Carrie Jacobson. WOOHOO!


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