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Hello All ! As you can see I am new to this site! I have been in the art business for many years but new to the art shows & fairs. My first show will be Neptune in September. I have been looking into other shows in Virginia but I can't find much/ Does anyone know of good art shows in Virginia? Has anyone heard of the Northern Virginia Christmas Market and the Virginia Beach Christmas Market? I also found out about the NN Fall Festival of Folklife but it is too late to apply. Thank you all!!!

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Hi Lindsay!

Thank you again for all of the info! I will be looking into all of these shows and making a note of them for next year! I am interested in learning more about the site for Local shows. Do you mind e-mailing me the info?

I will also be contacting Paula for more info on the Pink Heals Show! ; )

Thanks! Helped allot : )

I am from both Virginia and Ohio and have done shows in both regions. I will be doing Seawall this coming weekend and in October I will do An Occasion for the Arts in Williamsburg and hopefully Stockley Garden in Norfolk (jury results are not out). There is a Stockley Garden spring show I have done in the past to much success (the last two years I have done Midwest shows in place of it). Earlier this year I wrote a review on Art on the Square in Williamsburg, which might be helpful for you to read. I recommend all of these show. In my opinion, the best of all these is An Occasion for the Arts and the most competitive. I have also done the Boardwalk last year and found it to be just OK. There are also many shows up in the Richmond Area (Art in the Park, in May), An Art Affair; Art Around the Lake, on the campus of U. Richmond; 43rd Street Art Festival, etc, etc, etc. Each community has their own list of shows. In the end it is difficult to know what would be good for you because your work is so different from mine. You will need to do some homework.

Doing a google search on the site on "Juried Art Festivals" will product a starting point. Look at the list of participating artists attending each show and visit the artist's website (when available) to see how your work compares. When possible, walk the show, that will give you the best information. I would encourage you to walk the Seawall show this weekend. I hope this helps. Cheers, Leo
Hi Leo- Thank you deeply for taking the time to add a reply. I am grateful to have received so many valuable responses. I will be in the Seawall show this weekend. Where will you booth be located? I would love to stop by and say hi if ok with you! I will begin on my homework and research! Take care and Bye for now : )

There is also 1 on the campus of UofR that takes place next month - Arts Around The Lake, the date shifts a bit each year to coinside the parents day on the campus..its only a 1 day show but pretty well attended.
Hi Tim - That is great. Thanks for the info!



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