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Even though I've been in this business since about four recessions ago I still love attending art fairs and when the weekends roll around I wish I was in Armonk, or Chicago, or Seattle or New Orleans, or Stamford. There are so many events of such different personalities. The one happening this weekend is Kentuck in Northport, Alabama. It is known for its "outsider art" and is supposed to be a collector's paradise. Here is a story about it:

How about you? Which one is attractive to you? There is nothing like a busman's holiday.

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Plenty of wine country Ruth - it seems vineyards sprout up everywhere.   There are quite established and respected vineyards not too far from me (at Mudgee, NSW).
I just did the Kentuck show this weekend and it is folk and contemporary (50:50). It is one of the best shows I have done this year as far as the mix of work. I am a jeweler and was really glad to see that the jury really picks high caliber work and the mix of media was wonderful. It reminded me of the old days when every booth was interesting and diverse.
We've decided to walk a lot of shows next year. Need to find a better show circuit for my work. I've outgrown my present circle by uping the quality of my jewelry, changing up my presentation, and increasing my price points. So, gonna walk Dogwood, Gasperilla, Artisphere, 4 Bridges, maybe even Coconut Grove....any other suggestions?
Annette-we spent a month in Austrailia, New Zealand & Tazmania (it was our honeymoon). We were totally enthralled by the quality of work done by the Maori People. What gorgious carvings! And, your country-we made sure that we did as much local touring as possible-not the tourist spots-(only went to one tourist spot-had to see 'the flying turtle'--the Opera House). Very impressed with the wooden nails that hold the interior sections together. Wish we would have thought of looking for art shows. Driving was quite the experience (my husband is right-handed, and I'm left-handed)-it was fun. When is your show season? What type of shows are down there?
I remember buying a pair of earrings at some kind of festival in Melbourne but it was so long ago, I can't remember what the festival looked like.  Melbourne had some of the most wonderful galleries when we were last there about 20 years ago.  In addition to good quality, there is the wonderful Aussie sense of humor also found in their work.  I have an Australian "footie" player made out of clay with his private parts peaking out of his uniform.  You have to smile every time you see him.  We found wonderful ceramics in Sydney also.  Other than snow globes, the best souvenirs of a place are from the artists who live where you are visiting.
Absolutely, Geri! One of a kind goods from around the world do make the most wonderful souvenirs. I was in Eastern Europe last fall and there was very little fine art, hardly anything in the way of painting or drawings (except for the fabulous Mucha Museum in Prague - but out of my price range), and I bought amazing earrings from a gallery in Szetendre, Hungary -- still feel guilty when I wear them though as all of my jewelry comes from art fairs ;)
Where do you live, Ann Marie? I've got huge lists of shows worth visiting... would love to help you find better venues.
Connie-sorry it has taken me sooooo long to reply. We live in North Carolina. We don't go south any more-it's too hard of a sell with my price points. We have gone as far as Cape Cod-but are willing to go further.....and willing to go 'westward'.
Any help/suggestions are more then appreciated!!!


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