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Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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This was the May Memorial Day show. I expected them to cancel as Rocky Mountain National Park is closed. I withdrew my application from others before acceptance and booth fees paid. It was a real bummer of a day.

Magic City Art Connection (MCAC) has cancelled, and is refunding "65% of fees" if we choose not to do the show on their rescheduled weekend of Nov 6-7. What bull.

Columbus Arts Festival is canceled. "Festival participants will have their fees refunded and accepted artists will be automatically juried in to the 2021 festival."

Webster Art Fair that was scheduled for June 5-7 has been cancelled with a full booth refund.

And now Old town Chicago. Full refund, invite next year with same booth assignments, online virtual marketplace in the meantime

Oh no. This is just about my favorite show ... I was crossing my fingers for it. 

I know, this year I juried into just over half of the top shows that i applied to. Well, cr-p. So I guess it gives me something to do next year. 

The good news, there is still hope for the fall.

While it might seem that it is too early to cancel June shows, Michigan is about to extend the stay at home ban another 70 days. That cancels everything until the middle of June. Even if the people stop getting infected and the Governor rescinds the order, it would take a couple of weeks to make all the arrangements to get shows going, again.

Oddly enough, there are some shows that are holding out, thinking there could be a chance that they could still be held in May, like East Lansing. Nobody is going to be in the office until Monday, if at all, so there hasn't been a decision. It's obvious to me that there will be no show. Who would risk doing it and getting exposed? Setup will be 6 weeks from tomorrow if they are going to have it. Not very likely. I think those early June shows that are canceling are doing the right thing.

Fun fact: the word canceling and cancelling are both acceptable spellings. Fun fact number 2: If you collect social security, your stimulus money will be direct deposited into your account.

Mark, the good news and the bad news for you: You got into half the good shows and you got into half the good shows. I, usually, get into at least 2 of the best shows. If I get into 4, I'm ecstatic. 2 makes me have a successful year. Unfortunately, with the better(quality) shows postponing until fall, some people are going to have to make a choice between 2 shows on the same weekend. This year, I got rejected from Belleville and Des Moines, but, I'll be doing Artisphere and Cherry Creek. I'll take that trade any day of the week. Let's hope this is over by the 4th of July. Artisphere is in mid-August.

If any of you think I am bragging about getting into these shows, if I can get in any of you can get in. I always use rejections as motivation to make my work better, which is always a possibility. The question should never be what do I have to make to get in? You just have to make what you make, better. For me, that has always been the goal. The trick is in knowing what that means. A little arts education would help. While you are sitting around sequestering, you can go the the great library in the sky, the internet, and do some learning.

One last thing: You are going to be surprised at how little money you need to function when you aren't doing shows. Shows are expensive. I don't think most of us every realize how much it costs to make work, travel with it to shows, stay in hotels and eat in restaurants, not to mention booth fees, etc. You may actually find out you are in much better shape staying home.

Cherry creek, good for you Barry! I have waitlisted twice, haven't actually be in, yet. When I said 'good shows', yeah, I meant the top 10 (or 20, depending on whom you ask, AFSB, which is the best I think, sunshine, etc)

Your point is well taken; doing what we do, a little better each time. I think, for me, my competition is who I was yesterday; the competing piece is the last one I made, the next one needs to be a bit better. As I look back over my work, i can see a definite trend, the progress is there, each piece is better; not all of them, but most.

Just before I went to LaQuinta, I took an art history class. Much of that is oriented toward east coast USA and europe, largely painters. I was quite amused to see that many of the historical artists went through many of the same things we all do, rejection, inspiration, perspiration, annoyance at mis-perception. Although, based on my informal surgery at the last few shows, everyone still has their ears.

I finished doing my taxes, and after doing the P&L for Schedule C, I'm realizing that in some cases I would be better off not doing some shows. Travel expenses, meals, and lodging are eating me alive.

I'm shifting gears for the shows that are coming up mid-summer to this fall and changing my presentation, size of work, and upping prices. if I'm not making much money, I might as well roll the dice and go for large statement pieces.

Right, it's not all about getting out the door every weekend! That's expensive.

Thank you. Too many excellent points in this post, Barry, to commend you for them individually. The one I will emphasize is it is amazing how much less you have to have coming in when you just stay home. When we stopped doing shows, rather suddenly, we decided to not spend an extra penny on anything for six months and see what happened. And, you just might find something else to do to make some $$ while you're at it. 

I started my websites in 2002, as a lark to see if I could turn our mailing list into a following to bring people to art fairs. By 2004 our business was really slowing down, so I amped them up a little. By 2006 I really had time to sit here at my computer. I found I could even earn some money here. Who knew?


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