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Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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Art in Speed Park in Speed, IN (just north of Louisville KY) has been canceled. The dates were August 29-30.

And now the St James shows in Kentucky.

I have heard good things about the series of shows, applied to a couple of sections, got accepted and chose the Belgravia section. 

Seems they are offering what now seems to be a standard offer: automatic placement into next year's show, I am sure they will address refunds/roller to next year/ whatever shortly

It will have to wait to 2021

Mark, I've done the ST James Ct section for the past few years. The shows reputation, like many others is based on the past. I found it to be just an average show, much of it low end. I depend on a couple of customers to make it good for me. So far this year, I'm not missing anything. If I subtract my expenses from my gross at any show, I am doing just as well with online sales without all that driving, staying in hotels, dealing with rude customers, etc. I do miss seeing my friends, however. Right now I have no faith in next year because Americans, mostly those under 35, are morons who refuse to wear masks, sequester themselves. All anyone has to do is follow the statistics which get posted on a hundred web sites to know that a little inconvenience now will get rid of this virus. This has become an embarrassment. There is no reason why some states are exploding with COVID-19. I'm not much of a bar patron anymore. Who needs to go to a bar when the prize for going to that bar could be that you get the virus. All it takes is one. And it is not patriotic to defy the social distancing orders. It's idiotic, not patriotic. Hey, that would make a good slogan for a t-shirt. Props to Michigan governor Whitmer who is fighting the morons in the state legislature who are trying to open the state up and who are filing lawsuits to take away her power. The point of this is that we aren't going to have any shows until people take this seriously. There are too many who don't so I don't see any shows happening at least until June of next year. Btw, those who don't take the necessary precautions are in a minority. Unfortunately, the virus is so strong that it only takes one person with the virus to infect many.  

Agreed, patriot should not be a synonym with idiot. 

Next show that is still on the plate is Breckenridge, aug 7, remains to be seen if that happens, and carefree AZ in November. The Breckenridge show seems to be doing everything correctly, enforced masks/distancing for everyone, outside, each booth is a 10 foot island (no neighboring booth next door). Remains to be seen if any type of crowd will show up at the tourist destination ski town, and if I want to be standing there if they do (I am thinking not)

An art festival July 4 & 5 in Texas! Can hardly believe my eyes. 

Below is a news release regarding the 52nd annual Rockport Art Festival, featuring the works of more than 100 artists from across Texas and eight other states. The event will take place July 4-5, while the 28th annual Summer Art Auction will take place on Thursday, July 2. This year’s auction will include a reservation-only, in-person auction and an online auction for virtual bidding.

on their website, says the show has been cancelled for 2020

yep ... you are correct. That's what I get for reading my emails "oldest first." 

That one hurt, I thought it might be my only show of 2020. As mentioned above about Breck, Rockport was doing everything right and I felt relatively safe doing it. If only Texas had not prematurely opened up the state. But their politicians know better than scientists and doctors. 

It’s just not worth it until there is a vaccine and reliable treatment for those infected.

I just saw the email about St James. I was so hopeful.

Two more shows are now virtual:

Visual Arts Center of Richmond (VA) Craft + Design, Nov. 20-29

Academy Art Museum Craft Show, Easton, Maryland, Oct. 16-18

St. James Court Art Show in historic old Louisville, KY is cancelled for October 1 - 3, 2020:

"To stay connected to the artists, check our website and follow us on social media outlets. All artists, in all five sections, will be able to be found in the Featured Artists section...The Featured Artists section will be available 24/7 from September 1, 2020, to August 1, 2021."


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