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Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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Now I am waiting to see if Madison, WI and Bellevue, WA cancel. Not really if, but when. Still haven't made any airbnb reservations for either of those shows, even though that is usually the first thing I do after i learn I have been accepted to a show.

ACC San Francisco cancelled

Does anyone know of any arts/crafts/event shows that are still going on in the Cleveland area this summer/fall? Thank you in advance!!

Jenelle, I live in NE Ohio and I am not aware of any shows at this time. 

Walmart has shopping for seniors where I live on Tuesdays from 6 to 7 am. I am thinking that would have the more careful customers and I have had intentions to shop, but we never seem to need food on Tuesday.

They don't offer special times for seniors out where I live, but I'm only 54 so it probably doesn't matter anyway. But I got up and left home before dawn, drove across the open range and got to Cody, which is 76 miles from my home, at 7:30 a.m. Yes, that's when more people were wearing masks. But it takes a pretty long time to shop for $400 worth of groceries. So by the time I was leaving the crowd had really changed.

I stopped in the Albertson's on the way back out of town to get a few items Walmart didn't have, and that place was a madhouse risky place in my opinion. It was much worse than Walmart. People were horrible in there. It wasn't Albertson's fault necessarily. Aisles are narrow, one-way directions not enforced and people who just didn't adhere to it anyway, etc. I got out of there quickly. What a shame.

And now BAM, Bellevue Art Museum in Bellevue Washington (Seattle Area). Show is cancelled, options are let everything ride until next year, don't have to jury in, etc, or a full refund.

I was really looking forward to that show, had a grand time there last year, one of my best shows of the year

I want to thank all of the show organizations, organizers, chair people and other who conceive, plan and put on the arts shows for the artistic community. Without you, none of these shows would happen. It must be very disappointing for you to go through all of the work to make a show, and then have to pull the plug. I think, in the rush of details it takes to do a show, what booth, when, did I jury in, etc, artists can forget to say 'thankyou' to those who put these events together.

So, thank you.

Good job, Mark.

Jeanne Seehaver, now retired from ArtFest Fort Myers, once told me that she likened putting together an art fair to being pregnant. The months go by slowly and steadily as you get ready for the event. It happens, it is awesome and then the excitement is over and depression sets in. Temporarily. I'm thinking there is a lot of depression among show organizers these days.

Just got word that Art in the Barn, weekend of 9/26 in Barrington, IL - cancelled before jurying is completed. Application fees are being returned to all applicants.

I still have July-scheduled shows in the Illinois area (Chicago and suburbs) that haven't cancelled yet. Is anyone doing a show in July at this point? I am actually thinking of withdrawing from these shows before they cancel...same with ones I have in September that are still on the calendar. Are any artists just pulling up stakes so to speak and getting out pre-show cancellations? I cannot imagine these July shows happening; and if somehow they do go forward, I cannot imagine anyone attending.

And now Madison has cancelled.

And Art in the high Desert, Bend, Oregon has cancelled

One of those excellent "under the radar" art fairs, Geneva Art Fair, in Geneva, IL, cancelled:


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