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Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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This notice is going out tomorrow: The Ann Arbor Art Fairs are now cancelled.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASEMEDIA INQUIRIES:Karen Delhey ARBOR ART FAIRThe nation’s largest juried art fairAnn Arbor, Mich. May 7, 2020It is with heavy hearts that the Directors of the four individual Ann Arbor Art Fairs come together to announce the decision to cancel the 2020 Ann Arbor Art Fair.This was an extremely difficult decision, as we know how deeply this impacts the participating artists, local businesses and the broader Ann Arbor community.However, the Covid-19 virus has changed the world as we know it and the safety of our visitors, artists, and area residents is the top priority.We are deeply saddened, but we have consulted with City officials and determined that we are just not able to produce the Art Fair in a manner that will adhere to the mandated social distancing requirements that lie ahead.We are confident that the 2021 Ann Arbor Art Fair will bring renewed enthusiasm for this well-loved event that has brought world-class art to the streets of Ann Arbor for the last 60 years.We invite you to join us once again as downtownAnn Arbor transforms into an art lovers paradise the third week of July 2021!Follow The Ann Arbor Art Fair on social media (FB & instagram) @AnnArborArtFair or visit our website at Arbor Art Fair is a Midwest tradition that draws close tohalf a million attendees over four days in July. The largest juried art fair in the nation, the Ann Arbor Art Fair features more than 1,000 artists and a footprint spanning 30 city blocks in downtown Ann Arbor. The AnnArbor Art Fair is comprised of four independently juried, nonprofit art fairs that run consecutively: Ann Arbor Street Art Fair, The Original; Ann Arbor Summer Art Fair; Ann Arbor’s South University Art Fair; and Ann Arbor State Street Art Fair. For more information about the Ann Arbor Art Fair, please visit

Aw, hell. While I am not surprised, it is very disheartening to see the whole year go away, somewhat of a disaster in slow motion. 

I think I'm just going to go back to bed. So very sad. 

The Wickford, CT, Art Festival in July has been cancelled: "The Wickford Art Association is not willing to risk the safety of the artists, festival goers, volunteers and staff," noted Festival Director Ainslie Daly. Learn more

Okay, so I take a day off and today's news is the nail in the coffin. Des Moines? Ann Arbor? Covid, have mercy on us!

Des Moines Arts Festival from the Des Moines Register no street permits issued for Des Moines until July 1 ...

None of this has bothered me, yet. It's all expected. The sad part is the attitude of the American public that refused to wear masks, that won't stay sequestered, and all that bad behavior towards our governor who is doing a great job. Nothing is going to change until everyone is tested. Our federal government should be working towards supplying test kits for everyone, like in South Korea. That's the only way we are going to get through this until there is a vaccine. Even then, it appears that the President is favoring his buddies or companies where he may have a stake in it instead of the best vaccine. I have no faith in any of this until he gets dumped and Mitch McConnell is not the Senate majority leader.

That's one of the worst things, for me. Like I might have thought about getting back out there, were there any shows, if everyone (gov included) was taking masks and distancing and keeping others safe seriously, but it just isn't happening. It's very sad, I agree.

And I thought this no mask wearing business was just where I live in Wyoming. I have been out once since March 10, and it was to Walmart in Cody 3 weeks ago. I have never before spent $400 on groceries like I did that day. I did it so I could stay home. I wore my mask and two pairs of blue gloves and used the hand sanitizer regularly on the gloves throughout my shopping experience. Only 40 percent of Walmart employees were wearing masks and only 1/4 of shoppers did. That means the 75% of the shoppers in there are the most disrespectful people on the planet. Disrespectful of life and humanity. That was two days before Walmart mandated that all employees would wear masks at all times.

Regarding testing, it is clear that the new Trump administration press secretary doesn't know very much about medicine and healing as evidenced by her ignorant comments yesterday. She said if we test everyone now we'll just have to test everyone again in an hour and then in another hour. Well, if she'd ever been through a personal health crisis she'd understand that's how you get through one safely. That's how a person recovers. That's the only way a person recovers. I know. I've been through a health crisis twice and was the one the doctors consulted with to tell me what they suggested for the next course of treatment. It's all repetitive stuff that you do and then wait to see what happens next. Over and over until the patient either heals or declines again.

That was my experience when I went to Walmart about 3 weeks ago. I vowed to never enter a Walmart again. Even though they have mandated masks for employees, I still won't go there. Yesterday, I went to Meijers. Every employee and every customer had a mask on. Where I live, everyone is taking this seriously. The whole downtown is shut down. I wish the rest of the state was like Marquette.

Amen, Barry.  The writing has been on the wall for 2020 for many weeks. To hold an art fair now without testing, without a national buy-in regarding responsible, public health behavior, without a national strategy for dealing with the pandemic, and most importantly without a vaccine would be criminal in my view. And not to be a total Scrooge but there is no guarantee for art fairs in 2021.  None of the above may change by then and the brutal calculations and prioritizing that communities will make in terms of risk and opening— health vs economy— will have art and street fairs at the bottom of the list.  Hope is fine and good but best I think to prepare for the worst.

I'm already getting nostalgic looking at photos of art fairs with all those happy people in the streets. Will we ever see that again? I believe not for a long time, and won't even venture a guess when. People need to stay home. Our town has wonderful walking trails and bike paths and whenever I venture out to give that a try it is chancy. I'm surprised to see so many people.

So for a little perspective for us here in the Midwest: last weekend was perfect, fabulous art fair weather but this coming weekend it is predicted, a polar vortex!!! It must be art fair season. You can't win. Or perhaps you'll find your way.


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