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Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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It's official, no Cherry Creek. There is no mention of being invited to next years event. I hope that happens because the competition to get in is great.

Dear Artist,

It is with great sadness that we share the difficult decision made by the CherryArts Board of Directors to cancel the 2020 Cherry Creek Arts Festival. This decision was made after weeks of careful deliberation about the challenging and evolving impacts of COVID-19, and was informed by the City of Denver and the State of Colorado public health officials. As an event that relies on the regional and national travel of artists and hosts over 330,000 people, we are confident this is the best decision to ensure the safety of you and our community during this time of social distancing. Unfortunately, postponement for later this year was not a viable option. 


We are beyond disappointed about this announcement, and we do not underestimate the impact of this decision on your livelihood. I know this is not the outcome that many had hoped for, but we are in an unprecedented public health situation and the risk is just too great.


We will celebrate the 30th anniversary on July 2, 3, & 4, 2021.


CherryArts is committed to helping artists during this challenging time; we will seek out any and all opportunities to continue supporting you. We applaud you for being resourceful and resilient and, together, we will get through this time of crisis. We are grateful to you, our creative community.



Tara Brickell

Oh no! Sad beyond words. For those of us whose lives have revolved around the 52 weeks of art fairs, this is another heavy blow, even if you've never participated in this fine event.

I hope you all are going beyond "thoughts and prayers", by taking action while you're in this quarantine situation to go beyond hope to stop and reflect on what you need to be stronger when this is over. You know there will be changes, be part of that change. 

Definitely sound advice. Be part of the change. Don't get left out. It's difficult to be proactive, but so important. Love you lots, Connie. Thanks for keeping up the good spirits and info for artists here on Artfairinsiders. WOOHOO!

Bucktown Arts Fest (Chicago) has cancelled. Was scheduled for August 29-30. They decided to cancel before jurying was complete, so they are returning all application fees as well, which is appreciated. It's sobering to see an end of August show cancel, though, this far in advance. Makes me concerned about my September shows, even.

Oh my goodness, Elizabeth. Really scary that a late August show is cancelled. I really hope we can get it under control way before that. 

Me too - although my sister is a nurse in NYC and she isn't giving me a lot of hope that the summer can be saved. Here in Illinois, they are hinting schools may start next year as remote teaching like they are now - if schools are still out in September, I can't imagine large events will be allowed.

I still have July shows that haven't cancelled, though, so we will see....

I believe there will be no shows in July, for sure and probably August. Only a 50% chance of anything in September and October. There will be nothing if the incidence of COVID-19 spikes because of all the restaurants, etc. opening up too soon. There is a graph of what happened in Denver in 1918 when the incidence of Spanish flu spiked because they relaxed restrictions too soon. Count on that happening again. Nothing is going to change until we have real leaders in the White House and the Senate. It wouldn't surprise me if there was nothing until next spring. The only thing that would change this is if there was a vaccine and everyone got the shot, which would take a while to produce and distribute.

I'm still amazed at how little I am spending when I am sequestered and not eating out or driving anywhere. I may only do 5 or 6 shows next year when I realize most of my income goes to show expenses.

Agreed. Depressing, but true. I have (had) shows lined up from May-September for sure, and some November/December on the radar; but I feel like nothing can be counted on in this current handling of the pandemic. Glad I'm in Illinois where our Governor seems to be doing what he can to keep us as safe as possible. I am noticing how little I am spending as well - although I need to replenish my supplies to make more work; and would like to be able to feel confident the income would come in to cover it. At least most of my shows are saying they will refund the fees (have only received a refund from one show so far).

I got letter from St Louis tannery that they were shutting down production but had inventory to fill orders. I ordered what I needed for next 12 months without hoarding. I also heard business news that there would be a lag in production in China because of their inventory/start up situation. So much of what we use now comes from China so I ordered screws and stainless steel hardware, the latter which has been erratic for over a year. I also realized that copper prices will go before all of this virus stuff is over so I ordered what bronze castings I needed from MT foundry. I'm glad to see others restocking to make more art. We will be ready to go. I'm planning to can garden produce this year - Wow, caning stuff is getting scarce. 

That production that you are talking about affects everything in the supply side of things from the mining of raw materials to everything up the supply side to the end user. The economy has bee shut down for 2 months. It is not just that we are running out of supplies. It's that the cash flow has halted. We are spending our reserves on supplies. When that runs out and the economy gets going again, companies are going to need credit from suppliers to get what they need to produce in the hopes that the income generated will pay the companies that extended credit. This is very risky. The possibility of every supply chain in every industry runs out of money and materials because of no cash flow, is real. This is what economists are talking about when they talk about a recession, or worse yet, a depression. I'm still being optimistic, in that, the damage won't be that great and everything will get a lot better when we get COVID-19 under control.

One of our better shows has become ArtSplash! in Sioux City, IA which happens Labor Day weekend. We have decided not to apply to ANY shows until we see a vaccine start working. Sioux City has become one of America's hot spots for COVID-19 due to the Tyson meat packing plant outbreak. Not to mention the one in Sioux Falls, SD which is just 90 miles north of Sioux City. And then there's Waterloo, IA and everywhere else in that area that have recently become the COVID-19 hot spots.

I finished up taxes for the last two years and found the same thing, in the end not much is left over, and some shows I would do better by staying home and giving work away for free on a street corner. I'm cutting back a bunch.


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