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Winter Park just canceled. As the info comes in about refunding booth fees, I will post that when I know it. Or, someone else can if they get the word before I do.

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This is from Carroll Swayze at NAIA:

I am the Communications Coordinator of the NAIA (National Association of Independent Artists) and I am sending a letter for you to any cancelled show that is not refunding show fees explaining why they need to return your money. If you have a show that is not refunding your show fee please send me your cancellation letter by email and I will try to get your money back for you. If you have the directors name and email that would help me time wise too. Send to:
Please share this with the artist groups that you're in if you don't see it posted. You can check my progress on the NAIA Facebook Forum.
Thank you and stay healthy.

LOS ALTOS ROTARY ART IN THE PARK. No cancelled but changed date to Aug 29-30, 2020

Just received from the show director, Salem Oregon show, July 17-19, cancelled, refunding ALL application and exhibitor fees.

That was nice of them to refund the app fee along with the booth fee.

Btw, if you decide to apply to the St James Court shows the deadline for the Court is May 1st. Belgravia is in a week unless they move it back.

Thanks Barry.

Thinking out loud, I am finding it a bit difficult to judge if I should be applying to shows, if they canceled or rescheduled to the same weekends, or disparate geography with too much driving around. On the one hand, I am thinking that, well, might as well apply to shows, if the shows don't hold for this year then I will be set for next year. On the other hand, maybe worry about next year, well, next year.

That was nice of them to refund the app fee, I actually told them to hold it as a contribution to their non-profit. Happy to do it for a smaller community non-profit organization

OK, that is scary. Canceling shows so far out. But good for them.

It works the other way, too. East Lansing wants booth fee payment by April 1st. I'm thinking of not paying because I seriously doubt that show is going to happen. Plus, why give them money that I will be getting back in 3 weeks assuming they will cancel 3 weeks before the show? It's 6 weeks from now.

I took a chance and sent East Lansing their booth fee, but did it on a credit card. I figured better to do it that way instead of out of my checking account.

I paid East Lansing back in December and have been wondering myself. I just looked at their website and they state:

In the event that the East Lansing Art Festival is canceled, Artist Booth fees will be reimbursed.

At this time, there are not any changes to the Festival.

I agree the show is unlikely to happen, so good for them saying this up front!

Crossing my fingers on this. Thanks for this update. So fair of them, not only in a business sense but more importantly in a humanitarian sense.

Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, KS sent an email today. Canceled and ...

"We have made the decision not to extend invitations to next year’s Festival for those who have been accepted or placed on the waitlist for the time being but have taken note of the artists in this year’s selection process.  Any fee excluding the jury fee that has been paid thus far will be refunded through Zapplication.  As we move further into the year, we will be looking at all of the artists who have continued to support the Smoky Hill River Festival and keep them in mind as we continue to refine our selection process for upcoming years."


whoa ... this is worrisome. A few years ago they changed executive director's. Carla Prickett was in the lead before. This would not have happened with Carla. 


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